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2017 golden Ming spring, new year fortune hero alliance around the mall in the Spring Festival almost the moment, officially released the New Year Spring Festival theme series of activities!

2017 golden Ming spring, new year fortune hero alliance around the mall in the Spring Festival almost the moment, officially released the New Year Spring Festival theme series of activities! A variety of new blockbuster debut have formed the strongest hesui Legion for summoners of blessing, a variety of exciting activities to bring the "super gift feedback" will be added. China strong wind, happy China years, accompany you around the mall with the lunar new year, New Year!

" [figure 1]: the spring festival activities around the spring festival activities >>

Spring Festival

thematic activities: the new limit to over 188 yuan to send gifts

" [figure 2: Spring Festival Limited,

" [figure 3:2017]

figure around the spring festival costumes, a new wave of Chinese New Year is coming, and the Spring Festival purchase of $188 during the event will receive a commemorative badge, red The special spring festival gift! "

2017 Spring Festival Limited Aziz Seoul set" will open the world's first limited pre order from January 12th to February 11th in China. Based on "Sima Yi Zhong Da" Spring Festival skin new design, it is not only a highly collectible New Year Limited series of second-hand office, it is for the first time to do with the skin hero Alliance launched at the same time, bring a different kind of festive blessing for the 2017 lunar year of the rooster. In the past two months, the fist game peripherals design team and design team to design the skin, thick Chinese elements into this product: mighty armor elegant chic; gold bright sharp weapons ever-victorious; crown red feather is proudly standing posture in high and vigorous spirits! True to life reflects Alzheimer's imperial style. Due to the special nature of the production model, we can now go to the Summoner's hand. Initial shipment is expected in late May. This time, the league team will be around to the highest standards for polishing the toys, and regularly to maintain communication with the production schedule summoner. In view of the special significance of the figures only during the spring festival activities of chicken pre open, the success of pre Summoner will be the first time to receive the emperor's gift: Desert Aziz, AZ special commemorative badge and the Red Spring Festival around the mall. Thanks to the patience to wait for the summoners, you also receive a customized version of the mysterious gift received at the same time in hand.

another fine new year to do "night hunter carrying 2017 grace" spring festival costumes come together, and summoners together the appearance of different spring festival. Spring warm scarf, a souvenir badge design a Hoodie dress T-shirt and the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival has become the best equipment summoner.

again, January 12th -2 month 11 days during any shopping full 188 yuan, can obtain very delicate Spring Festival around the mall and red badge!

: Spring Festival Thanksgiving blessings treasure a surprise

[figure 4: Thanksgiving send feedback blessing] "img_box"

" [figure 5]

: time to hunt interestingly, Azl also put a lot of virtual badges hidden in every corner around the mall, and to avoid mail cards, cash coupons, kind of souvenir badges and red envelopes gifts, heroes union summoners to find these virtual badges around the mall and you can receive. Exchange gifts to bring them home! The spring festival activities page will be regularly released badge hiding clues to help you easily find them fast to win this one new year's good luck!

finally, we need to support over the past year the League of legends around the mall the summoners sincerely say thank you from the line! Around the mall, to the dragon gold flame cutting boom, to show sincerity first league, and "Valoran cake ice cream in a roll -", Jodl Battle School etc....... Thank you for joining us in every special occasion. So in the Spring Festival this new year, we bring blessings and extra surprise for all in the past year in the mall shopping summoners, login page "Spring Festival Thanksgiving special" can receive a new year gift belongs to you. Remember to receive gifts and shopping!

finally, when the Spring Festival approaching, the League of legends around the mall to all summoners in advance thanks to the early, I wish you good luck in the new year: 666, open the black, everything goes well!

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[Fig. 6: the official around the mall WeChat two-dimensional code]

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