Werewolf combat evaluation: Q can hide arthorn strokes when blowing control group

In actual combat antibodies Desolator crab

tuwanwang· 2017-01-14 00:11:48

evaluation is divided into the following three aspects, respectively is the Desolator ability, catch ability, team fighting ability

: Test werewolf has been the stage, I believe we can't wait to see the performance of the Werewolf in the game! The following small for everyone to bring the game werewolf combat evaluation, evaluation is divided into the following three hand, are Desolator ability, catch ability, team fighting ability.

analysis: extra damage passive to ensure the werewolf output, lifesteal is guaranteed without injury and wild werewolf early, while less than 50% of the Vampire the effect is very practical in single combat, and the maximum increase of werewolves endurance is development ability.

": a displacement analysis is a qualitative change of werewolves, enhance the previous more tower ability and skilled master skills in single release or is the key skill in team battles can therefore hide under the enemy.

analysis: W changes to make the werewolf become real "wolf", full of blood can provide acceleration is in line with the wolf's keen sense of smell this point well, this skill will make werewolves more adept at hunting, which greatly improves the werewolf mobility.

analysis: Werewolf 6 before the arrests ability is weak, the fundamental reason is because there is no control, now the perfect solution to this problem.

analysis: R skills mechanism did not change or suppression effect, the immune control effect when it is now leap, a fundamental change, on behalf of werewolves to hide or strokes with skill escape.


, a combat capability evaluation Kiyono ability of

, three wolf, red wolf open blue, blue blood after the werewolf was almost full, and did not have a bottle of medicine, visible Desolator ability and the previous version had no change, no Desolator is injured, also before the slow speed.

version of the F6 is undoubtedly the highest damage to the wild monster group, the Werewolf in the four level did not go home in the case, no injury clear F6. About

Kiyono slowly, these two pieces of equipment can greatly improve the problem.

comments: due to the strange experience to reduce the early brush wild without injury to play wild heroes will brush a few wild strange, it will be the first to the 6 level, whether the first to decide on both sides of the fight against the early rhythm of the wild 6. As werewolves, without injury Kiyono ability will let him from the start to grasp the rhythm, has the potential to become the next strongest version of the playing field.

two, catch ability of

Q skills have displacement effect, W provides high speed skills and E skills have stable control fear, greatly improves the success rate of the Werewolf in the early people, and this can only rely on previous arrests a werewolf / day difference of other changes.

three and crocodile singled, and note the werewolves have been a soldier in the battle against the second half, three levels can be singled out a crocodile playing field should be numbered, the werewolf is now so strong! A small displacement

Q skills is improved the werewolf tower capacity, there is no previous werewolf displacement skills in the early stage, possibly because of a multi tower killed.

6 singled out the crocodile crocodile - no problem, how strong we all know. But in the face of the werewolf, crocodile only escape, and triggered a werewolf passive is no escape after level 6, the single line grasping effect is not playing field than the werewolf.

endurance is really terrible, even if only a little blood, only a crab can make the blood return to full, this werewolf equipment has only a small, Matt. You know life is wild, you can go home for a long time without the development of better, wild life district champion, fully deserve.

comments: pre arrest earlier version is the weakest ability of werewolves, now called the strongest, two is extreme, it can be said that this change to strengthen the ability of werewolves, and strengthen the ability of these have a qualitative improvement, with the displacement effect of Q skills, the immediate effect of fear, full acceleration cannot be interrupted. The trick to arrest people really like a wolf,

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