DNF90 class legend earrings and epic Earrings

Epic earrings list attributes

tuwanwang· 2017-01-14 02:29:05

is equipped with a new version of the 90 version of the equipment, to further enhance the role of attributes. At the same time, this also introduced a set of left and right slot plus earrings.


four +173

physical Earrings Wai / magic attack in the highest attack +15%

attack +15%

3 independent sets of attributes: damage increase the amount of additional +15%

#p# #e#

four +63


is a strong display all around skills 20% chance for 60 seconds that home power to increase the amount of +15% on

crit attack

attack, all attack +12% (maximum stack up to 1 times, lifting equipment attributes

3 disappear) suit property:

HP, MPmax+150

any gold cup, , home three forces in a,

60 seconds all attack +20% attacks, +20% (maximum 1 times, lifting equipment attribute

crit attack damage increase +8% on

" attack magic attack +121

independent +139

four Wai +62

physical attack rate of +10%



a copy of Luke magic attack independent admission HPMAX+100

3 suit effect: 2 a colorless

display 60 seconds consumption skills Luke copy of all offensive force +10%


copy of all the attack force +15%

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