The thieves stole 600 thousand night burglary property claiming to climb a floor just 3 seconds

Property Lee suspect Ms. Gao man

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Chinese daily news (reporter Zhang Chenglong) the morning, wake the woman sleeping in the room, stood a thief, the thief ran away, she found a total of 600 thousand yuan of property including 2 million 940 thousand yen stolen.

woman woke up in the morning, standing in the stranger

Xi'an citizens Ms. Gao has been working in Japan, after returning home last year to live together with her grandmother and so on a slope of a cell.

November 24, 2016 at 5 pm, Ms. Gao suddenly heard someone walking outside the bedroom, then turn on the lights to view, found a strange man in the room. The man saw someone quickly climbed out of the window of the balcony, Ms. Gao ran to the window, the man has fled from the third floor to the first floor. Subsequently, Ms. Gao to another bedroom view found, including 24 thousand yuan in cash, 2 million 940 thousand yen (equivalent to RMB 175 thousand yuan) and the value of $about 400000 watches, jewelry and other stolen property, and quickly alarm.

after the incident, Yanta Public Security Bureau set up a task force to investigate the case by the Criminal Investigation Brigade, dengjiapo police station. Police found that the suspect has a certain anti reconnaissance capability, the plot of the video surveillance to shoot the suspect rarely, in addition to the suspect unarmed climbing ability is very strong. According to Ms. Gao described it from the third floor to the ground only a dozen seconds. And only one man was shot near the incident shortly after the district went out to play a taxi to leave the scene.

due to the merits of the case, the task force dispatched more than 20 police investigation visits. The police through the transfer of a large number of monitoring and analysis, the night from the cell door a taxi to leave the man suspected of a major. Subsequently, the police began to trace the taxi, and through the analysis found that the man took a taxi in the light road to get off, and the man got off the hand of a plastic bag caused by police attention. After the identification of too high, the plastic bag is brought back from Japan, the domestic rare.

is not listed on the car with the money was arrested

in November 27, 2016, the police found the suspect through multiple visits a small hotel to live through the hotel, Party Master Lee suspects identity information.

after investigation, Lee had fled back home in Guizhou. Police rushed to the city of Tongren, Guizhou county will be arrested lee. Then, according to Lee confessed to another suspect Yang (female) arrested, and recovered 40 thousand yuan in cash (the yen, useful yen) 430 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan worth of goods and money with part of the value of 80 thousand yuan to buy a new car.

in January 12th this year, Lee, Yang was brought back to Xi'an, according to the clues of two people, the police have suspected stolen goods, Huang liaomou arrested.

, according to police investigators, the suspect Lee slim, there is a very strong ability to climb unarmed, he climbed through the residential buildings and outside the air conditioning pipe upstairs, according to him, said only 3 seconds to climb a floor. Ms. Gao stolen property victim is almost her all these years in Japan all the savings, before the incident she was ready to return to Japan, so valuable belongings packed together, met Lee burglary. The high value of Ms. Lee's home and see more things, they intend to continue to look for other things, accidentally wake up the whereabouts of Ms. Gao whereabouts.

also has the suspect Yang and Lee cohabitation and help Lee to contact the staff she was arrested for stolen goods, conceal the proceeds of crime. Two suspects sold part of stolen goods in Xi'an, returning to Guizhou to fence, they also used the money to buy a car, before the listing was arrested.

currently, the 4 suspects have been under criminal detention. Photographer Huang Lijian

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