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Secretary of the provincial Party committee expert bribery case inspection group

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served as secretary of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission for more than two years in Hebei, "returnees" Chen Chaoying beijing.

1 13, deputy secretary of the new central government organs discipline committee secretary Chen Chaoying news. This is his career in the fifth deputy provincial office.

ship experts, returnees, three permanent, plus his official career of the province, Chen Chaoying took office, to the outside world a lot of imagination.

Tianjin, Liaoning, Hebei footprint - the 58 year old Chen Chaoying

was born in Hebei Province, is a member of the technical officials, graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology Department of electrical engineering electrical professional. The office before his official career four station - Chinese Shipbuilding Corporation, Tianjin, Liaoning, Hebei.

said he is "returnees", because he was from 1986 to 1988 in Belgium at the VUB-Vrije Universiteit Brussel computer science department graduate student, after returning to China in China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation seventh Research Institute seventh, seven Research Institute for 11 years, served as assistant director, deputy director, deputy director, director and other positions.

Chen Chaoying entered the career, in 1999, started from the director of the Tianjin Municipal Science and technology commission. In December 2002, science and technology committee secretary, municipal science and Technology Commission Director Chen Chaoying was elected to the Tianjin Municipal Committee, became deputy provincial cadres.

2009 May, Chen Chaoying by Tianjin in Liaoning, served as vice governor of Liaoning Province in December 2012, Chen Chaoying again "permanent", selected by the Liaoning Provincial Committee and Secretary general.

2014 in August, Chen Chaoying left Liaoning, returned to his hometown of Hebei, was elected secretary of the Hebei Provincial Committee, provincial Commission for Discipline inspection.


Zheng know (WeChat ID:upolitics) noted that Chen Chaoying entered Hebei, from the Central Political Committee "airborne" Zhou Benshun, has served as party secretary of Hebei for more than 1 years.

" which leading cadres have problems, not the amount of words is not just a little aside, these are some instructions I do with the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, a party secretary should have been arrested early, but has been dragging not catch, the Commission urged to catch, and several city level leadership, departmental level the leadership supposed to be caught, in the end I did not get the so-called grasp ", in the last year in the feature film "discipline" is always on the road, Zhou Benshun appeared. After

Chen Chaoying took office in Hebei only 1 months, former party secretary of Xingtai Wang Aimin sacked the news; since then, there are a number of municipal leaders sacked in March 2015, former Secretary of the Hengshui Municipal Committee Chen Gui sacked; in October of the same year, former Chengde party secretary Zheng Xuebi sacked.

(WeChat ID:upolitics) found that government, Chen Chaoying served in the Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the two years, hit the "hamster" many, only in the last year as an example:

2016 in February, the Xingtai municipal Party committee secretary Zhao Changfu sacked Yuan Fu

2016 in June, the Langfang municipal CPPCC chairman Yuan Fu, the former United Front Work Department Minister Sun Baoshui sacked in June

2016, Handan city the former deputy mayor sacked Ding Yinghui

2016 in July, the Hebei Provincial People's Congress Chairman Wang Yifang sacked Finance Committee Yuan Fu

2016 in August, the Hebei provincial health and Family Planning Commission Director Yuan Fu sacked Zhu Huibin

2016 in September, Handan Jinan District Party committee, former Secretary of former party secretary of Cixian Xiao Bo sacked in October

2016, Xingtai Qiaoxi District Yuan Fu secretary, former mayor Liu Yinliang sacked in October

2016 Langfang City, Guangyang district party secretary Yin Guangtai sacked former

2016 in December, former vice mayor of Tangshan City Li Xiaojun sacked in December

2016, Shijiazhuang City, former vice chairman of CPPCC Zhang Weide sacked

in Hebei last year, there are a lot of the provincial SASAC supervision of enterprises executives Lok Ma . In March

2016, Kailuan (Group) limited liability company, former deputy general manager Cai Niangeng accept organization survey in March

2016, Hebei Financial Investment Holdings Limited chairman Li Lingcheng accept organization survey in April

2016, Kailuan (Group) Co., Ltd., the former deputy general manager Wu Aimin accept organization survey in May

2016, Hebei Tourism Investment Group Co. Ltd., the former chairman Bai Bo accept organization survey

2016 in September, former deputy general manager of River Steel Group Limited Wang Hongren accept organization survey

2016 in December, Jizhong energy Refco Group Ltd chairman Wang Sheping receiving organization investigation


experienced in Chen Chaoying's Hebei officialdom is not peaceful.

he went to Hebei in only 3 months later, in November 2014, Hebei "tiger" - the original Hebei Provincial Committee, Organization Department of the former minister Liang Bin sacked; in March 2015, the original Hebei Provincial Committee, Secretary General Jing Chunhua sacked; in July of the same year, former Hebei provincial Party Secretary Zhou Benshun sacked; in April 2016, the original Hebei Provincial Committee, politics and Law Committee of the original Secretary Zhang Yue sacked.

in December last year, Chen Chaoying in the "seeking truth" magazine published a signed article, "said Zhou Benshun, warning of serious violations of the law of our party members and cadres, especially leading cadres will be left behind once the ideals and beliefs, turned a deaf ear to the political rules for party political environment, the party and the people's cause will cause serious damage.

if you go forward, it is not difficult to find that he had not been too calm Liaoning officialdom.

last December, Liaoning has just completed the party

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