Women find her husband online investigation fell into a liar trap

Husband woman suspect capture chat record

zhonganzaixian· 2017-01-14 06:33:10

is an online news according to the Anhui daily news, suspected her husband derailment, but there is no evidence, a Huaibei woman looking for people on the Internet to find her husband's open house records and chats, but was cheated 9000 yuan. In January 12th, the reporter learned from the Huaibei police, the police recently went to Hainan two suspects arrested.

not long ago, who lives in Duji District Xu felt that her husband was wrong, all night don't return often lie, suspected her husband might be derailed, but have no evidence. Xu did not intend to see a message on the Internet, the other claiming to be able to check the open house records, including chat records and other information. Xu added each other's friends, and put forward their own requirements. Soon the other side sent her a file with a password, said she needed the information in it, but to get the password, you need to pay fees and other 9000 yuan. Xu immediately through the bank card to each other, but when she got the password to open the file package, but found that personal privacy information inside and not her husband, realized that cheated, then to the Duji branch of Interpol brigade report.

through the investigation, the police found that the number of fraudulent landing IP are Hainan, Danzhou, and the bank card withdrawals are also in Danzhou and nearby areas. So the police rushed to the city of Hainan, Danzhou Province, in December 29, 2016, the two suspects Chen and Lee captured (the couple for the two).

two suspects confessed that they started in January 2016 on the Internet to sell other people's privacy information as bait, a total of more than 50 fraud. At present, the two suspects have been escorted back to the city of Huaibei, the case is under further investigation.

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