Yoona accused of false signature poster organizers responded

Yoona the organizer poster South Korea

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-14 07:17:15

Beijing on January 13th news, according to Taiwan media reports, Yoona 13 at the National Taiwan University stadium held fan meeting, not expected, after the event, fans are fake in the PTT broke the autograph. In this regard, the organizers media contact to the "cloud" reporters "entertainment star Yoona arrived at the hotel at around 12, 3 in the afternoon, 4 received the ROK return signature poster. "But another host of internal staff and respond directly to rehearse." Yoona Taiwan signed on the spot. "The two party is different.

Yoona 13 fan meeting will be held at the National Taiwan University Stadium, which hosted out hundreds of lucky fans get autographs and benefits, not expected, activities just ended, users will have the PTT broke the "poster of suspected fraud, autograph and signature matching the poster took Yoona on 2017, is really quite different.

" in this regard, the organizers said to the media contact "entertainment star cloud" reporter, before the 110 poster night has been sent to the Yoona Hotel, she arrived at the hotel in 13, around 12, at about 3, 4 received Autographed posters from South korea. Reporter asked, have you seen Yoona personally signed it? "No," said the other, "but it's not possible to fake it, and the contract has the benefits of signing autographs. "But

, another host executive responded" Yoona Taiwan directly to TICC rehearsal, on the spot sign, 100 is her sign, not 1000, I also took a home, and I can prove it. "This statement and sponsored by the media contact person has great discrepancy, and Yoona is held at the National Taiwan University Stadium fans meeting, apparently did not do a good job of internal communication.

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