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the child's fear and intimidation by

1, the child's fear by threatening to

children's fear refers to the children in the development process, feel the fear of certain things, such as fear of animal, fear of water, afraid of fire, afraid of the dark, afraid of strangers, even some things on behalf of words fear will happen. A lot of methods for correction of

2, how to correct children's fears

children's fear, one of the most simple and effective "desensitization demonstration method", that is to let children have protection gradually contact object of fear, gradually eliminate the fear. For example, the children of darkness, the first to hold or pull his hand through the dark (dark or wild), and tell the children of darkness is not terrible. After one or two times, to adapt to the child, can be changed to accompany him through the dark. And then after the first child, to maintain a distance through the darkness. Finally let the children alone through the dark. After this exercise, the child is no longer afraid of the dark. The correction of children's fear is actually the training of children's brave spirit. Training can be supplemented by incentives, when the child is brave, not afraid to be rewarded and praised immediately.

3", to help children overcome the psychological fear of the children

ideas are often intuitive, they do not have the ability of comprehensive analysis of things. In general, they simply blame their jealousy or envy, rather than other factors.

parents should help their children to analyze the causes of the gap between children and jealousy, and find ways and means to shorten the gap. Teach children to correctly compare with others, with a positive attitude to face these gaps, so as to truly resolve the imbalance of the heart.

training children to develop the open-minded and optimistic character, usually should educate the children, the difference between the objective understanding of people, let the children know everyone has his own advantages and strengths, but also each have their own weaknesses, to do everything better than others is impossible.

guide the children to give full play to their strengths, weaknesses, in life and learning will appreciate the attention in the face of other people's strengths, learn to cheer others' success. And learn from, to make up for their deficiencies. This can not only make a lot of friends, but also to make themselves more progress.

children fear harm

mental health is very important for the health of children, parents should be very aware of the children's fear of harm, if that child has fear, to early prevention, effective prevention of psychological fear, and correct, let the children healthy growth. Fear of children often occurs, will affect the child's physical and mental health, serious can lead to psychosomatic disease or mental illness.

correction of children's fear, in fact, is the training of children's brave spirit. Training can be supplemented by incentives. The simplest way to overcome the fear of children in daily life is to communicate with others.

" parents of children not subject to changing moods. Some parents often put their bad emotions in children, which will cause the children afraid of their parents, parents afraid afraid of their own It is without rhyme or reason. temper, punished, all day long, anxious and preoccupied for fear, timid, suspicious, sensitive. Therefore, parents should be good at controlling their emotions, do not take children as punching bag. Don't blame the children too much. Children do wrong, just can take advantage of the fear of doing something wrong, to educate and guide them how to do is correct.

children's fear of psychological correction method

adjustment method, strengthen the training of direct action. This is the initiative, the initiative to get in touch with the fear of things to achieve the elimination of fear, for example, if you are afraid to speak in front of people, then the people in front of the speech. Habit terrible scene. The fear of the scene, to dare to touch it, contact with it, accustomed to those scenes, know it, but this is not afraid of. So many people at the beginning of the fear of speaking at the meeting, and then hard to speak. We are encouraged, after the meeting will not be very upset, also the natural expression of action.

id_imagebox_2 learn about the knowledge of class=. People have a fear of some of the scene, and is lack of the knowledge, do not understand "the truth", such as thunder and lightning. When you know that this is a normal phenomenon in nature, the natural fear will ease. Avoid the terrible scene. Try to avoid or eliminate the fear of the scenery, the fear will soon ease down. In general, if the child has a sense of fear, the parents must give timely care, to give the child to speak clearly, do not blindly reprimanded inwit, so you can only increase the child's sense of fear, to help children to overcome the fear of sleep before, appropriate and more children go to public places.

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