Kratos son rune is not real name exposure

God of war son Scandinavia real name

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-01-14 22:53:52

E3 Sony Santa Monica last year announced the "God of war" series of new works, and bring a practical demonstration. The story is set in Norse mythology, between the main and son fetters about kratos. On speculation that the son of God Krishna must be called Tyr (Tyr, Norse mythology of war) when a game player has found a clue in the official release of the original sound. The son of Krishna is Art Rou J (Atreus).

God of War E3 2016 Overture (LIVE)

details in this first prelude, we can see clearly that there is such a description: "An introduction to Kratos and Atreus". The player Fabiano Banin discovered the details and asked if he was the son of Lord Krishna on twitter. Subsequently, the director Cory Barlog turned and confirmed the discovery.

Atreus the name is derived from Greek mythology, is Pelops and Persian as Mia's son, the king of Mycenae. He is also the father of A Gamenon (Agamemnon) and (Menelaus). These two people were Greek troops to attack Troy's commander, Homa epic "Iliad" and "Odyssey" have been recorded.

but a few months ago, the director of Barlog is the son of Lord Krishna to upset what name, but in the current situation, Atreus this name should not refer to the Greek myth of the king of Mycenae. It is worth noting that Barlog had previously made it clear that this will not contain a multiplayer mode and a series of war will not be the last. So in the end there is a story of how Art Rou J and his son, what is the deeper meaning behind the name, let us get together after the game is released.


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