2017 1-4 IELTS oral Part2 topic model: polite person

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with the January oral exam, IELTS exam 1-4 has now become the IELTS test, the rule of decision, these questions will be in the remaining 4, be your IELTS clearance nightmare! But you know better understand small IELTS, following an article for you to bring.

Describe a polite person that you met

where you met the person

How you met the person

Why you think the person was polite

transmission: 1-4 month IELTS exam scores. Part2 topic summary (output burst table)

Well the most courteous responses, man I know is my uncle who s my father 's' little brother. We are only pretty close. He s years older than' 10 me and we always hang out together. He s well educated I ", mean he, just got his doctoral degree. He s been to a bunch of 'formal occasions he' s and. Quite familiar with social etiquette.

Here are some few example S:

Whenever he 's out with someone, he s always properly dressed. I' didn 't get why he would go through so much trouble to "impress" others, but he explained, the whole point was not to impress, but to show respect.

And he s super modest when talking to' others. Besides he 's a. Good listener. He never cuts others off. It always feels good when I have a conversation with him.

And he s extremely polite when interacting "with waiters and taxi drivers. He would say thank you many times after he s been helped.

On top of that", he pays attention to small details in our daily life, like knocking on doors before entering a room, holding the door for others behind him, and holding the elevator when he Sees someone rushing to the door.

So you see he s really a, "nice person, and he s a good influence on" me. Spending time with him has helped me become a better person.

language parsing:

Courteous = polite, especially in a way that shows respect here is to replace the polite, for example:

a courteous young man

The hotel staff are friendly and courteous.

Etiquette formal rules of correct = the or polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession if I have difficulty in word memory, said social manners OK.

A good somebody who is listener = you can rely on to listen with attention or sympathy we often say that "a good listener".

Cut somebody/something off interrupt somebody and stop = to them from speaking

My explanation was, for example: cut off by loud protests.

On top of that = also, additionally, moreover. (Wiktionary) but also has a strong call for usage is to enumerate the bad things, such as The Free Dictionary explained: in addition to the bad thing already mentioned We missed the bus, for example, and on top of that it started raining.

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