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Postgraduate entrance examination common sense University master's degree

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in PubMed first test ended, our next task is to wait for the results. The general exam in the years after February to March will be announced, the first test results over the pass line of students to re embarked on a timely review, but did not reach the first volunteer school re line students to begin preparations for the swap. Dispensing process is not complicated, the key is to be in time, as well as to find out their swap intentions, seize the opportunity.

of the Ministry of education examination transfers, if the candidates meet the retest conditions and not in the first voluntary institutions to participate in the re examination, candidates file shall be sent to the second voluntary institutions or in the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government transfers. In the postgraduate enrollment, the enrollment plan, although some candidates to score, but not assigned or retest retest and cannot be accepted, for these candidates, the admissions unit will be responsible for all the materials promptly transferred to second volunteer units, this process is called PubMed swap.

first test results meet the conditions to adjust basic requirements but not retest swap scores of the second examination qualifications in the original register unit, can apply for relief. Specific requirements are to re adjust the Ministry of Education issued a preliminary examination after the end of the year postgraduate admission notice provisions shall prevail. In principle, the candidates need to adjust the allocation of units to recruit students to enter the examination subjects with the original enrollment examination subjects the same or similar.

1. with different types of transfers between the Department of professional swap

in the same department of the same university, different professional direction because of employment prospects, difficulty of study, the number of candidates may be different. For example, the Law School of jurisprudence, legal history, School of economics, economic professional, historical school of archeology, logic Professional College of philosophy, even in the famous university, the number of applicants to these professional sometimes not too much. So, if in the second interview by other departments of the professional brush down, can choose to swap these into a slightly less popular professional, professional span is not, there are limited admission and increased their adjustment, the chances of success.

2. students in different colleges and universities to adjust the

in the same university, although the division between different departments, although the professional division is obvious, but generally there will be cross. The same, if took faculty reexamination of the brush down, then you apply for other departments in Colleges and universities may have to accept the needs of students skip. Therefore, at this time we need to apply for the professional setting of the university to understand the situation clearly, and then pay attention to whether there are opportunities and possibilities of dispensing.

3. swap between different colleges and universities

some schools, research institutes due to lack of well-known, the location of partial or publicity is not enough, the number of applicants is often limited, and can not meet the enrollment plan. In this case, these schools tend to release detailed planning and dispensing conditions. Some schools also named recruit some famous universities of job candidates, or directly in the well-known colleges and universities set relief office. These schools are likely to provide services such as fees, scholarships and other favorable conditions to attract the score of job candidates. Study on

4. academic to professional degree adjust

professional degree tuition is expensive, and generally do not enjoy the treatment fees and scholarships.

is a kind of relief without reaching the first volunteer college retest line selection under, for timely attention to transfers the information of the candidates, to adjust to the possibility of satisfactory and professional institutions is still relatively large, so the buddies in the publication of the results is also a lot of attention to this kind of information, to grasp the opportunity. Will belong to you.

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