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Behind strength engineer culture

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Xinjiang in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle status is difficult to shake, and this is behind the technical strength of thousands of Xinjiang engineer support, but Xinjiang is how to build such a huge R & D team?

founder Wang Tao Xinjiang as a member of the university students have guests, in Xinjiang inside is quite respected engineer culture, but a lot of people will think is boring but R & D engineers, Xinjiang do not think so, also do not want to let you think so.

so, Xinjiang has created a very special "robot contest" - RoboMasters contest, RoboMasters as initiator and organizer, Xinjiang for the team, students from across the University, provides the basic components of the robot, including power system, battery etc.. But part of the robot's control, including machine vision, is done by the students themselves.

Xinjiang hope that through such fierce tough competitive style, really "get" a better interpretation of the culture of engineers, and let more students love technology. So this Xinjiang UAV director Intelligent Navigation Technology & Robemaster Technology Department Director Yang Shuo , also came to the geeks Park, for our interpretation of Xinjiang internal exactly how to build a special "culture" by the robot engineer. The following

from Xinjiang UAV director Intelligent Navigation Technology & Robemaster Technology Department Director Yang Shuo Mr. in the park geeks Innovation Conference (GIF 2017) on the

" in September 27, 2016, Xinjiang innovation launched the MAVIC PRO aircraft in New York this is our 2016 year, one of the most important products, here is also special thanks to MAVIC PRO geeks park named the 2016 intelligent hardware.

MAVIC PRO has a foldable body greatly increases the convenience in use, in addition to the succession of wizard 4 machine vision technology, it also adds many new features, such as smart home, gesture self and so on. On the characteristics of this product I don't need to say, many users will love this product very much, in the use of this product, is very curious ask, in the Xinjiang innovation, is how a team is a group of engineers, designers how to design, such a product. I believe that my friend

had a similar problem, my speech today is from a special angle to some extent explain the Xinjiang innovation today is how to establish such a research and development team of engineers.

Xinjiang is how to build such a huge R & D team?

I personally have such a point of view, Xinjiang innovation is not only a UAV company, but also a robotic company. we are now experiencing a great era, in this era, the cold robot gradually from the factory and wilderness into people's lives, into the warmth of people's homes, become the companion of human life.

MAVIC PRO has a compact body and a flexible function, want to take such a flight vehicle design, it must need to have engineers into their love, maintain a good understanding of the robot at the same time, engineers have to love life, to find a variety of problems in life.

MAVIC PRO mechanical designer is very love life. He is a ski lover, more than a mountain climber. In more than a year ago, we also had to communicate, using aerial drones pain points in the climbing process, some of the ideas that prompted after the design of MAVIC PRO.

as we see MAVIC PRO think it behind the designer is an engineer how, if we see on the stage again some other robots, you may also want to ask what it is, who designed it, it is what to do, any robot are behind the team of designers and engineers. The beauty of

machine originates from the beauty of human creation.

is a bigger problem than designing an aircraft and the robot itself, how to train engineers to make and design aircraft and robots.

UAV to the robot

in order to answer this question, Xinjiang innovation launched a robot game called RoboMasters, this site is in fact a basketball field size of the field. It has a similar site design with some popular electronic games. The contestants need to produce their own robots, playing games, of course, the teams themselves also need to design some different roles, different functions of the robot, in order to get more technical advantages in the game.

" on the robot through a wireless system and a system called the referee server, the referee system can real-time read all the field of robot position, status and other information, and displayed a similar game map the way.

robot on the pitch by both red and blue, red and blue both sides through an infinite system connection in his two book site players operating room, in the operating room of the contestants through manual and automatic or semi automatic way to the robot sends out the control command, the robot shooting each other in the venue, we the referee system

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