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, as one of the largest technology companies in the world today, it has been to the mobile phone brand known to the world, but to the Samsung mobile phone is known but is not limited to the field of mobile phone, the Samsung Empire really did not understand, so many large Samsung Empire actually, we take a look at .

Samsung, South Korea's largest conglomerate SamSung group, was founded in 1938. Li Bingzhe was the founder of a company called "Samsung Sanghoe" trading company, company's original business for fruit and vegetable exports, also said to be selling noodles and Zamian started.

until 1950 extended to sugar, pharmaceutical, textile and other manufacturing industries, their production and sales. And eventually became the foundation of Samsung, now a modern company with the same name.

Samsung Group subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, Samsung , Samsung SDI, Samsung SDS, Samsung, Corelle, Samsung, Samsung motor network, Samsung fire, Samsung Securities, Samsung, Samsung Life Insurance, aviation engineering, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Samsung Life, business involves many fields of electronics, finance, mechanical, chemical, aviation etc..

Samsung Electronics Company was the United States "fortune" magazine as the world's top 500 enterprises.

SamSung group includes many subsidiary companies and some other corporate bodies, grow into one of the world's most respected enterprises "enterprises, Samsung in the world nearly 70 countries and regions have 429 branches and 230 thousand employees.

1." (the flagship of Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics revenue of over 2/3

) was formally established in 1969, mainly the production of household appliances, after the business into the refrigerator, air conditioning and fan.

although the scope of business to expand, but at that time the Samsung product components from overseas, lack of independent innovation capability.

Samsung acquired Korea Semiconductor Co in 1974, then renamed Samsung Semiconductor, since Samsung can independently produce chips, paving the way for the development of samsung.

a few years ago Samsung has its own R & D and production of mobile phone chips for their own Samsung smartphone.

" at the beginning of May 2014, the annual income of more than Samsung apple ($170 billion) and Google ($59 billion 800 million) of the total sales accounted for nearly 20% of South Korea GDP.

do an inappropriate comparison (years), the largest China Petrochemical Corp in 2011 China enterprise sales was $375 billion 214 million, and the Chinese GDP in 2011 was $7 trillion and 298 billion 147 million, Sinopec Sales accounted for only 5.14% of GDP.

can imagine how huge the group is!

, Samsung Electronics as the flagship of SamSung group, in 2013 the annual sales of up to 228 trillion and 420 billion won, operating profit of 36 trillion and 770 billion won, a record high.

Washington Post in the year, the Republic of Korea SamSung as the headline samsung. Samsung

2.: from the semiconductor to the diversified development of

Samsung Electronics started in the semiconductor, after business diversification, now involved in semiconductors, mobile communication, digital image, telecommunications systems, IT solutions and digital applications etc.. Although

and Apple Corp because of patent war for several years, but Apple still expect Samsung for its production including CPU, flash memory, mobile phone batteries and circuit boards and other parts (such as OEM apple A9 processor, 14nm 10nm FinFET, the industry's leading manufacturing technology, not surprisingly, apple in 2017 will use Samsung's OLED screen).

in the mobile phone market, thanks to Li Jianxi's expertise in Android smartphone strategy, Samsung Android flagship phone Galaxy successfully seize the market.

Samsung in China, the main products include: Samsung mobile phones, television, digital video, computer office and BSV LCD screen and other products.

3." Samsung "empire": the second and three industries covering South Korea

in addition to the electronics industry, Samsung Group's main business includes mechanical and electronic industry, heavy industry, chemical industry, financial services and logistics and so on, a subsidiary of 79, electronic equipment, shipbuilding, chemical, petroleum, precision insurance, risk investment, hotels, hospitals, property and Welfare Institute, Institute of economic research.

in addition to agriculture, all areas are involved. You can not think of the Samsung


Samsung Everland business known as South Korea Disney, Korea first, Asia fourth.

Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, completed in 1996, Samsung construction.

, one of the iconic city sights in Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, is the world's tallest twin tower.

a total of 88 layers, height of 452 meters, at a distance of 170 meters there is a double transparent

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A text read: Samsung industry chain in the end how many cows?

A text read: Samsung industry chain in the end how many cows?