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"- reporter Zhou Xiaopeng test a certificate will be able to make money, when the exam can not think. "Live in Hebei city of Shijiazhuang province Qiaomou University passed the CPA exam, after graduation, and not engaged in accounting work related to Joe has been her CPA certificate" hang "in an accounting firm," hang card fee "was even than their wages are high. However, she intends to try to test other gold content of the certificate. "People compared the architect certificate, the CPA certificate too much now, have been worthless. Joe told the Legal Daily reporters.

as a result of the practice of the implementation of the unit registration, the relevant units in order to obtain qualifications, there must be a considerable number of registered personnel. This caused some passed the qualification certificate of the personnel, do not engage in related work, but his qualification certificate for the units need to register, unit to give a certain reward, but I don't work in this unit, known as the "hanging card".

although the relevant ministries in recent years to increase the "hang card" institutions and personnel rectification efforts, hanging card family living space is squeezed, but due to the qualification certificate affiliated interests behind the chain has not completely cut off, "hang card" and the emergence of many new mode of operation, even to the regulatory scope also temporarily anchored the areas not covered spread.

experts said, "illegal hang card" brings great risks to the project, to curb this phenomenon needs regulatory punch, increase efforts to straighten out, and increase the cost of illegal from the aspects of the legislation and the working mechanism, increase information sharing, completely cut off "hang card" behind the interests of the chain.

illegal hang card market supply and demand booming

registered drainage engineer 18 - 210 thousand yuan /3, 12 - 150 thousand yuan registered engineer /3, registered geotechnical engineer 25 - 280 thousand yuan /3, registered construction engineer of 8 - 120 thousand yuan /2 (12 - 160 thousand yuan hung chapter) & hellip; … by the end of 2016, a new certificate "the price list" anchored anchored heat transfer on the website in a variety of documents, the qualification rate is lower at higher fees, tens of thousands of offer is really a lot of money.

in a company called "certificate affiliated website, the reporter saw the enterprise information bar and personal information bar with updated information related to demand," lump sum "" high - "words appeared frequently, showing that the market demand. The reporter to contact the online customer service website, to ask the name of the enterprise registered structural engineer certificate affiliated costs. Customer service said, if it is pure hang card declaration or maintenance qualification, the price of 50 thousand yuan a year or so, if we want to Hang Hang chapter or tender project, cost according to the needs of specific projects to talk about, if you need the holder to the scene, but also have to pay fees, loss of fees.

it is understood that the hang card in the industry has long been nothing new, in the construction, environmental protection, water conservancy and other fields have even become a practice. A small Shijiazhuang city construction company project bidding for Lee told reporters that the construction enterprises in the declaration of the corresponding qualification or participate in project bidding, require the enterprise to have the number of certified employees, and construction division examination through the difficult, nationwide holder number is not much.

"lease certificate can not only solve the problem of enterprise qualification examination, but also can save a lot of money. "Lee bluntly, although licensed" building hang card fee "is not low, but the cost is only equivalent to hire certified 1/10 engineer," hang card "to the enterprise is very cost-effective.

on the other hand, only rental qualifications, do not have to work to earn money, but also attract more and more people full-time research. As a result of usually have free time and learning ability, college students become the main force of the research and the card. Joe told reporters, in the third and fourth, many students have become PubMed army, there is a huge interest some students aimed at building industries in a variety of documents hidden, these non practitioners formed a research army. "You don't have to enter the industry, make a single call charges live good, if you want to switch, do not find the relationship between the trustee," astepping-stone to success took the card is a good ". "Joe said that in some colleges and universities in the special profession, this situation has become a common phenomenon.

in addition to college students, some of the practitioners have achieved high qualifications in the card. "The number of unit is enough, no need to increase the registered, more out of the card is equivalent to idle, hard test under the license can not be wasted, so it will probably choose to go out. A fire engineering company in Shijiazhuang, a two registered fire engineer told reporters.

qualification certificate affiliated, while the "rent" to permit the company will increase the qualification grade, bid qualification, bidding ability, then can get more profit; while "Guakao family do not work to get huge gains, even" into a lifetime, so the company and the holder of the best of both worlds, "and hung certificate market booming.

gray chain brings stability problems of

in recent years, the Ministry of housing, the Ministry of environmental protection and other ministries have informed the number of "hang card" number of illegal organizations and personnel to rectify the special occupation qualification also "hang card" phenomenon. The second half of 2016, the Ministry of housing issued 15 consecutive administrative penalty notice, including the registered architect of the 15, architects,

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