Said Chinese will get Sri Lanka port interests in the India ocean stage a comeback

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-01-15 07:27:52

" picture: Colombo shot September 28, 2016 Colombo port city project site. Xinhua News Agency

Reference News Network reported on January 15th Japanese media said the Chinese or will receive port rights to help Sri Lanka, China stage a comeback in India ocean.

Kyodo News reported on January 9th, in India, the island nation of Sri Lanka, has proposed to get rid of dependence on China, the West Senna government took office 9 years to two years. The process of rebuilding after the war exacerbated the debt problem, Chinese with economic strength in the country gradually to stage a comeback. Chinese companies expect the fastest in the end of the month will be gained as crude oil transportation at sea routes stronghold of large port rights.

reported that the current situation in India and Japan increasingly worried. Sri Lanka has signed the Hambantota port 80% rights to the price of about $1 billion 100 million to rent Chinese, for a term of 99 years.

reported that pro Chinese former president Rajapaksa in 2008 to start the development of the southern port, about $1 billion 400 million of funds from China's most of the loans. In 2013, also built near the Matrah Rajapaksa international airport. In recent years, Chinese in India ocean to expand the port stronghold "string of pearls" strategy, Hambantota port development is regarded as the symbol of the strategic move.

in the 2015 presidential election, Senna was elected in the west, after the country changed the foreign policy, accept China aid promote the port development in the largest city of Colombo is interrupted.

however, the West in the Senna administration in August 2016 to restart the Colombo port development. The Sri Lankan foreign debt of approximately $27 billion, of which more than three become China debt. The long-term lease Hambantota port is to repay the loan and have to rely on Chinese funds again.

near the port built by Matra Rajapaksa airport has been criticized as "the world's most busy airport, struggling. Japanese government stakeholders alert said: the airport will be handed over to China in the future, the southern part of Sri Lanka may appear in the area of Chinese people. "

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