Dubai is a working heaven? Husband and wife spent 60 thousand earn back 37

Dubai husband and wife heaven Yangzhou

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Dubai, in many people's impression is always a piece of treasure, luxurious, rich flow of oil. The city is the highest in the world's largest shopping mall, Harry Khalifa, the most spectacular hot springs, the richest places in … … to think that just can earn a lot of money back.

according to the China Youth Network, in December 2016, Zhejiang, Jiaxing, Ms Wu and her husband Shen went to work in Dubai, but went back 20 days. Not only did not earn money, also lose nearly 60 thousand yuan. Only the income is 20 guests to the UAE Dirham, amounting to only 37 … &hellip

" Zhejiang couple went to Dubai to spend 60 thousand gold < /strong>

earn $37

2016 in May, Ms. Hu saw a colleague surnamed money the information in the social group, is said to be introduced to the Middle East Dubai. Ms. Hu immediately contact each other, recommended as a Manicure work, the minimum wage is 8000 yuan, the highest point can get 20 thousand yuan.

Ms. Hu is very seductive, but also dedicated to the town of Manicure shop, heart school for half a month. Ms Wu's husband is a carpenter, never to work abroad, this time, Ms Hu would like to pull her husband, go to Dubai.

this lady in Yangzhou, Ms. Hu entrusted Ms. Qian to handle all kinds of formalities. A couple of intermediary fees, spent a total of 45 thousand. December 8, 2016, Ms. Hu couple flew to work in Dubai.

but Ms Wu to the store, you find something wrong, before the contract is Baochibaozhu, but the boss was directly let her sleep shop; the bag eats nothing, only a broken rice cooker, cooked rice dishes every day, no one in the fridge, pickles, a day to eat a meal, sometimes eat to bring their own cookies.

Ms. Hu also found its place of work is a hair salon, Manicure business is only a small part of. At that time, Ms. Hu wrote the contract, pay base 2000 dirhams (equivalent to 3700 yuan), mainly by other commissions and tips. But there is no source, which comes from the Commission and tips.

Ms. Hu husband Shen suffered even worse. Mr. Shen at the work environment, the equivalent of doing coolie at home on the site, not what carpentry. Sitting in the plane for a day, he was hungry, go out looking for food, and the results of a search to find a job. To this end, Mr. Shen is still wandering in the streets for two days, and later got a fellow Jiaxing help, temporary residence.

Shen is a visa to sign the landing visa, valid for only one month, to December 28th, when the deadline is approaching, ms.. In twenty days in Dubai, Mr. Shen did not work for the last 1 days, although Ms. Hu did for 20 days, but did not get a salary. Only the income is 20 guests to the UAE Dirham, amounting to only 37. This trip to Dubai, Ms. Hu husband and wife spent a total of nearly 60 thousand yuan.

" to work in Dubai, the real situation of

workers in Dubai Chinese also divided into various grades and ranks "

about Dubai, the Internet has been crazy pass such a post," at a hotel waiter to work in Dubai for 3 years to save money to buy 4 suite". In this regard, a tourist and media industry for many years in the Chinese old Dubai comment: special industry, right?

in fact, workers in Dubai Chinese, also divided into various grades and ranks". Engaged in the trade of small commodities merchants, service providers to do the hotel service, there are domestic organs and units of public servants and state-owned enterprises, there are well-known foreign banks senior white-collar workers.

and these people, can enter the mainstream society is very rare in Dubai upper, such as the well-known foreign bank senior white-collar workers, their wages are about a month about sixty thousand or seventy thousand dirhams. Coupled with the daily expenses, such as rent (according to reports, Dubai, a center of a room 100 thousand yuan a year rent around Rahm), than in the domestic income is not much.

most of the Chinese workers in Dubai are engaged in hotels, sales, tour guides and other service industries.

statistical data, the general brand sales monthly salary of about five thousand or six thousand dirhams, and luxury brands including royalty monthly income can reach 20 thousand di Rahm. Count up, wages a little higher than the domestic, but in the middle of the most popular tourist city of Dubai workers, it is necessary to do a good job from early to late preparations.

found in Dubai, will be able to bend over to pick up the money this thing does not exist.

"is illegal occupation beggars"

according to the Gulf News in Dubai" (Gulf News) previously reported that in Dubai city to appear more and more occupation beggars, these beggars begging a monthly average of 270 thousand di Rahm (AED) about 470 thousand yuan. These people can beg to 9000 dirhams per day (about 16 thousand yuan), about 6 hours per day for hourly wage calculation, equal to 1500 dirhams (about 2644 yuan).

Dubai government and police are working together to catch the professional beggars"

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