Giant rocket vehicle was stopped more than 10 meters long

High speed giant Yantai wire rope

qiluwang· 2017-01-15 11:12:07

a few days ago, Yantai high-speed traffic police detachment Haiyang brigade to carry out overloading violations rectification action focus, found a giant rocket car slowly drove up, this away, the police thought a rocket to the launch in Haiyang high speed. (for rocket car) (from: Qilu network)

", the police found a giant "rocket car", viewed from the front position, it is invisible to the rear of the car where the goods because the car is too long, the front and the body is completely separate goods, about the middle gap of 2 meters, and at the rear of the vehicle position, the goods are extended out of more than 10 meters, the goods with wire rope dangling in front and fixed on the body. (for more than 10 meters long (from the rear): Qilu network)

" although some place is with the steel wire rope are fixed, but also in some places even with wrench and wire were simply fixed, so the goods so fixed on the body, people looked really tremble with fear. At the same time, because the goods are too long, the rear of the vehicle has been shown to play a role in the width of the lamp has been lost, the driver actually pulled himself with a lamp on the rear of the car on the goods. For such violations of the driver, the police conducted a severe criticism of its education and punishment, and asked the driver to contact the relevant transport quality of the vehicle for the transfer of goods. (from: Qilu network)

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