Will laugh spray, everyone's parents are called?

My parents name voice intelligent mobile phone

ITzhijia· 2017-01-15 12:20:09

IT January 15th news now more and more developed science and technology, computer, intelligent mobile phone is becoming more and more popular, more and more elders will access the net, the elders are also very happy to chat online, QQ and WeChat play than young people also frequent.

" is a network called parents net, Xiao Bian found that parents play a circle of friends, even know each other really called what, also called love.

, for example, before my mother and aunt square dance friends chat voice said: "just in" forget the past "that sentence is what mean? He is now and the rain Lily relationship is very stiff? "You can tell us in the comments area, or you can send us an e-mail to share your parents are what screen?

is now a small collection of a number of netizens contributors:

1. do not know why my dad to call four space, the mystery of the man.

2. my mother called life regret … … ask my father psychological shadow area.

3. Dian Dian Dian Dian Dian Ma, do not know I think I call a little bit, in fact, a little bit of our family dog.

4. my mother is called spring buds in spring, summer is called summer, autumn is called autumn maple, winter is called winter...

5. you are weak burst, my father-in-law's signature is "you said you would love me for a lifetime, but I forgot to ask is this life or the next life"!!! He's almost 60.

6. my mother, dandelion, often ask, eh? Free technician what? What did you say? The two is my aunt and my aunt five … &hellip

7.; my aunt in the group AIT my mom "on the way home mom what you go today".

8. fat pig of mother.

9. my father's name is the Diaoyu Islands in China, let him change his not to say when to solve what time to change.

10. my mother told my father Daimei - shallow, Simon blow, a literary one kichiku simply do not know how to come together.

11. dad called years, my mother called time, but also the couple head picture is my dog.

12. my dad: forget the past, my mom: look to the future.

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