New York high school Chinese test users: a little doubt about life

Net friend New York Chinese test paper

zhongqingwang· 2017-01-15 12:26:40

recently, a New York high school Chinese paper caused the attention of Internet users, it is reported, this paper makes China users began to doubt the life, friends said to speak the truth, this paper is to develop a scholar scholar?

recently, a Chinese high school final exam in New York, so that Chinese netizens began to doubt life.

you are not wrong, is crooked nuts, high school, Chinese, papers.

does not believe you to answer these questions: "

network with

is the first word is not the first question will not read ha … …

(jiù) in the family, the house rent".

at first thought it was "Cuju", this is not enough. ~

's synonym to rent? Some people live? Well, the synonym is cohabitation.

the first question of the eighth items in the "jiu" tease me, I can guess the pronunciation, "eating" is what?

second big questions more amazing, after reading the questions I know that these words are antonyms … …

"yoke" this word, even the opposite?

is "too much" and "the silt but don't dye, the volume must be" love teacher Irene said, "… …

" silt but don't dye "so fresh and refined, is a sexy bitch!

although I only know these words may have opposite &hellip today; … but in my many years of deep Chinese foundation, a antonym is not simple!

in front of the word with "no" this, too low, and teach you a high-end: change the location!

yibaoshihan? Not a good place to change: Ten storms a cold!

stand head and shoulders above others? Chicken standing cranes!

flash in the pan? The amount of … … there is no way to change the position, but can understand! Is there anything wrong with the hero's immortality?

choking? Ah flatulence! Is there a mistake?

" as the third big topic sentences, we should test all the basic skills: chaici!

square? Easy so! I have been too lazy to do

writing, write more, I will expose their false Chinese in … …

reason, this paper is to develop a scholar scholar?

this is the New York Brook high school (Franklin Delano Roosevelt FDR in High School) of the Chinese final papers, papers to the moment when China, China users finally realized Dave feeling China English papers do … …

then began to doubt the life: I may have a false nationality. … …

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