Yoga Lin married with Gloria Tang to avoid meet

Yoga Lin Gloria Tang time difference same field

fenghuangyule· 2017-01-15 15:16:21

Yoga Lin, according to Hongkong media reports, Li Yuchun, Wang Feng, Zhang Jie, Li Ronghao, Yu Quan, Wu Mochou, Zero-G and so on before singing a play, Yoga Lin and Gloria Tang from the wedding at the same performances. That night, Yoga Lin and Gloria Tang

did not meet the organizers to avoid embarrassment, deliberately arrange their appearances in different periods of time, two people in the back room position is far away. Gloria Tang concert was arranged after Yoga Lin, the sexy backless dress appeared on the stage of Gloria Tang, sang "light-years away". At the same time Gloria Tang on stage, Yoga Lin also just completed the interview after the show, I do not know whether to hear the voice of the song, and then went to the rest of the lounge of the of the, and then went to the rest of the room, and then went to the rest of the rest of the room, and then went to the rest of the room, and then went to the rest of the room.

then Yoga Lin at micro-blog to upload a photo, the photo of Ge You and Yoga Lin, "Beijing paralysis" sitting on the sofa, standing beside Ge You, Yoga Lin with the text said: "this who can say I am not standard, authentic one-to-one teaching! Thank you uncle ge. "In order to respond after the show" Beijing "by netizens denounced the paralysis sitting posture is not the standard news. In addition, Ge You and Rio Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui "became popular with the box" appeared, and the audience interaction, bring a lot of joy. Musician Wang Feng also has appeared to sing "thank you". As for as the finale guest appearances of Li Yuchun sang "presence" and "Youth" two Simon song, set off the climax of the night.

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