Game time hot week: there are still two months to play to Switch, so urgent

Hot spots two time XBOX

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-01-15 22:58:35

dear friends Hello, before the two hot this week because of different reasons, there is no on-line, but this week I can meet you on time, although I know that you should not many people will be looking forward to this column every Sunday.

1 at the beginning of the month is a dull period, not what big sale, also won't have what big news. This week, however, there was a press conference and a sudden change in the imagination of the quiet.

first of all this week, the most important is the Nintendo Switch Conference on Friday, in the first two months before the sale, we finally learned more of its features and the lineup. It costs $299, released in March 3rd, will not lock area, "the legend of Zelda wilderness" as it will first escort information. So if you want to know all the information it's released, click here to get a summary.

" so we don't see the news in the past, the various Switch related news the valuable comments on here:

@ Leviol: buy! Have a reason not to buy the total: oh so cool, it is certainly expensive, 299 knife lock; I have not sent, well, don't lock; no Zelda play wool ah, good, synchronous starting... So the question is endless, Chinese, wiiu big transplant, dyd when we return it... JJYY endless koko. Big brother, it's so hard for you to buy a game machine.

@ tea taro: I think Nintendo concept of game consoles and games have been more scientific: age, family interaction, friends. Let those who do not play the game will not be biased against the video game, so that the game can also be a mild player and common players can play games. I still like the style of Nintendo, although the emphasis on Chinese culture is not enough... The

is all about Chinese:

@About-Red: this situation with XO just released time, all kinds of restrictions and fetters, although quickly but you forsake heresy and return to the truth, the damage has been done, your shortcomings will be magnified, although you correct but other shortcomings would be up for criticism, people like this if you object, derailed, as you can see, the object that you and apologize to you, but the outbreak of the fire has been left, you fight every time the derailment of this will be out for things like. A broken heart can only hate!

@ Tang Dynasty scholar: micro-blog Ren said many meals in this empty spray, as well as two Japanese words back. Perhaps a small number of people will, but most people can not afford this time. Why do we learn to work and life, has been so tired, playing a game but also the Japanese book turned rotten? Nintendo how to let foreigners learn Japanese? Your game so cattle, out of Japanese enough, maybe someday, Japanese can become the world's first language. Nothing more than arrogance, not look at the Chinese market, and ultimately Chinese consumers will vote with their feet.

@AconGa said: Although, the support rate is on the host game, but SONY and Microsoft have been "spoiled" the host game player is not easily accepted, not a friendly host. The language problem I such host game player has just been erased, including Chinese game BNM game, so Nintendo sold, not to see?

@ Qin Ziwei: originally ah, treasure can have Chinese dream, My Nintendo member also has a Chinese page can even transfer service, horse has Chinese, this time even directly to hardware first, originally is a good thing, results tell you "system Chinese but actually have no built-in game". Because this kind of thing broke Nintendo's reputation in the country is not good, I do not know what is the port. The decision that directly pulled out of shot, or any port when you can save me quickly changed.

@qyhnsta~: do not understand Japanese, do not buy do not buy it, anyway, are willing to fight to play, what is the meaning of cracking?

while the game is a means of entertainment, but some things do not play or a little pity. There is no

, Chinese is sprayed out of conscience, buy buy buy, to evaluate this extreme (pocket is a typical example), I think that is a kind of bone marrow...

I suggest picking up dignity, objective evaluation of the game better.

Nintendo Hongkong's official website announced shortly after the conference, the Hong Kong version of the Switch host system corresponding to Chinese news language can not really caused a lot of friends on the site to discuss with other aspects of Switch are built in the past. As some of the friends said, this thing is really not good, even after the Chinese language will be added to the system, the impact and damage caused by a long time to eliminate.

but we see comments in the comments and so on, it is wrong, nor is it what we want to see. Even if a game machine can not do the same as you play to crack the excuse. You can not buy, but for a player, buy genuine and put an end to crack I think should be the principle.

raised this week's breaking news, that is, the platinum studio has been developed for a long time, the dragon scale incarnation suddenly canceled. Both sides also responded to this, Microsoft Xbox Department boss Phil Spencer said this

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