Remember, I view class in the eyes of the United States Olympic team coach Luo Boshen

The United States bossun Olympiad coach

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2016 US Olympic team successfully defending champion the Bund, immediately contact the education interview manager Luo Bo deep. In order to allow more Chinese students to benefit from Professor Luo's teaching, the Bund invited Professor Luo to develop a series of mathematical thinking courses. During the course of the recording, the co-founder of Bill, the Bund, the whole education, close to feel very simple but very beautiful mathematics. This article is his view. The

| Bill editor

" in the Bund Luo Boshen education studio record the class

Luo Bo, mathematician, American Mathematical Olympiad team head coach. In 2014 just took over the American Mathematical Olympiad team, he told the Mathematical Association of America AMA, don't expect too much of him, because he is to let the students enjoy the fun of math, rather than preparing for brush title. As a result, he won the two world championship.

the 27 year old Chinese American boy has become the youngest professor of mathematics at the Carnegie Mellon University, also do not break, built a Crowdsourcing type artificial intelligent mathematics learning website, to promote mathematics in the world. I think he is a man.

just know he is in the United States after the team won the championship, the Bund education editor immediately arranges reporters tried to contact the interview, did not expect to contact and interview are successfully completed, the response was very good after the publication of the article.

coincidence, in August last year, Luo Boshen came to the Bund to do a few thousand people living in the classroom, at the scene, a dozen invited students and parents together to do very late, the atmosphere is very good.

this one hour class only about a math problem, looks interesting and complex, the method is very simple, no knowledge, no skills, no PPT, only the writing on the blackboard, Roche signs smile, and rich body language.

2016 in the summer, Luo Boshen guest the Bund education live class

this is my first taste of Luo Bo deep class style. At that time, we sent him an invitation to do class.

at the end of the year, Christmas Eve, Luo Bo deep once again came to Shanghai, and the last is intensive arrangement we have prepared him for three days, two math thinking inspired class, a total of twelve speakers, but also to China on two and two in the open class. After the end of

he flew to Bangladesh, and government agencies to discuss the promotion of mathematics education, is absolutely high strength, high efficiency.

" in China Normal University School of two lecture

in order to have better able to rob deep into the role, we have recruited six Shanghai primary school mathematics PA, English fluent of junior high school students as extras. Everything is ready, waiting for the play begins.

we started with the eight high class, each class to talk about a problem, from forty-five to fifty minutes.

impression is the deepest second, if the , Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, the three cities into a triangle, the area of the triangle is how much (note that the spherical triangle)?

is different from the general math class, he suddenly took you from a close to the problem of life into the scene of mathematical exploration, interest was suddenly raised. Ideas and students are different, the earth spherical triangle algorithm does not need to use advanced calculus, using the method of one hundred years ago by the seaman sailing, is the sum of the interior angles of the spherical triangle.

wow! The show has just begun, he put a complex problem briefly, such as:

from the case and find the rules

: if the triangle three points a metre away from the



point on the equator two on the equator and North Pole

consisting of three right angles of the push to find the general formula of

derived area to verify


a linear law area corresponding angles and in a very complex issue, he is a very simple and beautiful.

is not the end, this is just one solution he shows, in another way, using the method of combinatorial mathematics, the intersection, and a beautiful but minimalist solution was derived, like playing magic. This is the teaching method of

Luo Bo deep have been respected, mathematics must be close to real life will stimulate the interest of students, starting from the problem, and not from the point of knowledge and formula, flexible use of various methods to view and thinking, to simplify complex issues, find the problem associated with math knowledge.

eight class, almost all of this, a person who has been away from mathematics for the first time that mathematics is so lively and interesting!

Luo Bo deep lectures, from simple to complex from the shallower to the deeper, , as a peerless martial arts master, hand strokes, heart strokes, flexible changes, endless.

the next four hall entry-level class, like a dizzying variety show, listen to the title you can feel:

James Bond running strategy of

football cocktail glass

30 km long milk box

flight from New York to Sydney route map


some even carry some philosophy of life, such as the value of cooperation , adhere to the meaning of

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