Jimmy Lin son to eat noodles in duzui super cute

Jimmy Lin the youngest son in his head noodles

fenghuangyule· 2017-01-16 06:00:15

Jimmy Lin (data plan) according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Jimmy Lin has "not the old man of God" title, and his wife Chen Ruoyi married into the seventh year, and has 3 sons, twins Jenson and Kyson Kimi, often sharing of family life on the Internet, 15 share son eat noodles first.

son eat noodles

Jimmy Lin 15 in the face book to share 3 photos, staring at her little son to eat noodles, but do not know, eat on the table were strewn all over the surface, impatient to bend directly suck up look super cute, especially the drum with fleshy cheeks, eyes down when thick and long eyelashes too obvious.

son eat noodles super adorable

in fact, Jimmy Lin's twin sons Jenson and Kyson was born in December 2015, just over 1 years old, is curious about many things, and will start to try a variety of first stage. In the process of recording the growth of the sons of Jimmy Lin, fans also watched his baby son grew up day by day, the heart is also very happy for the idol.

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