Joseph Cheng appeared in the duet with Ariel Lin sweet secret

Ariel Lin Joseph Cheng secret ceilidhs

fenghuangyule· 2017-01-16 06:00:23

Ariel Lin, Joseph Cheng

, according to Taiwan media reports, Ariel Lin and Joseph Cheng in 2005 for Orchestra "practical joke kiss" in mind, become a fan of classic "evil kiss CP", each to see their reunion once, always let everyone call a good memory. Recently, Joseph Cheng appeared in Ariel Lin's 1 secret fan meeting, so that a large number of evil powder super surprise kiss.

"practical joke kiss"

Ariel Lin cast reunion held to commemorate the 15 anniversary of his fan meeting, "practical joke kiss" director Qu Youning, "Joe mother" Cyndi Chaw attended, visible deep friendship between them. Among them, Joseph Cheng is without warning appeared, and Ariel Lin sweet duet the theme "let the fans" practical joke, delight. Cyndi Chaw is also on the micro-blog posted them in the background of the photo, called "happy because everyone gathered together in the morning," Joseph Cheng responded "surprise scared? But I hold long ", attracted the crowd stunned response.

although there is less 2 father, did not let the evil kiss family full fit, but see "Zhi" put aside, "Ariel" platform, let everyone excited shout over love, knocking on the bowl "evil kiss 3" hope can.

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Joseph Cheng appeared in the duet with Ariel Lin sweet secret

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