Alyssa Chia: is your mom's birthday we collagen

Mom Alyssa Chia protein children

fenghuangyule· 2017-01-16 06:00:27

Alyssa Chia for the mother to celebrate

recently, Alyssa Chia drying out for my mother's birthday photos in micro-blog, photos of Alyssa Chia and two daughters together to celebrate Mother's birthday, Alyssa Chia also face selling adorable face, she also wrote: "Mom ~ you how more and more young!! That's true. Because you have a lot of love your son around you, we are your collagen. Happy birthday, my mind is always the mother, love you, every day, said! Focus, the body must be healthy! Every day with you is also a kind of happiness. "

users have a message to Alyssa Chia mother blessing, also does not steal the spotlight over does not adorable:" my eyes really does not, does not have no "," I wish mom Happy birthday Jia "and" you are our collagen, love a ah".

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