Dawn on love Hsu Chi said it is the most appreciated

Dawn Hsu Chi a former love

3Gmenhuyule· 2017-01-16 06:00:33


entertainment in January 15 reported according to Taiwan media reports, 2012 dawn and Galie Lai ended 4 years of marriage, that is to concentrate on a career, almost zero scandal, recently talked to him on the show feelings concept, asked ex and Hsu Chi in the past, the audience was praising a very gracious, caused a lot of discussion.

dawn recently boarded the "Venus" show host, Venus praised him for his career, is a typical diamond bachelor, did not forget to watch him through a marriage, now on feelings, suddenly ask "break up two of you, is the reason" is not the result of society, there is little reaction but let the dawn to ask: "what you said", that the other side is asking Hsu Chi, although some awkward dawn paused, but still understand the host on behalf of the audience to ask questions to know is very reasonable.

then changed the subject, said dawn he is a party not to say, "well, they've been married, no matter what method to continue the discussion is not very good. "The host then asks," is that a heartache? "Dawn also admitted that" everyone will have pain, no pain can not be together. Later, Venus will be the dawn of the actress to cooperate with the label, he chose Hsu Chi as the most appreciated". This time he

rare in the face of Hsu Chi, respect each other and choose not to answer, the audience was zhikua earmark, graciously, get the sound of an appreciation.

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