Zhang Jingxuan was kicked out of the singer because the suspect had to support Hong Kong Independence

Zhang Jingxuan mango Hunan satellite TV with the text

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Zhang Jingxuan (data plan)

original title: singer Zhang Jingxuan was kicked out of "singer" due to their published to support Hong Kong Independence speech

including "Ming newspaper" and a number of Hong Kong media reported 15, singer Zhang Jingxuan had a high-profile the mainland announced to join the singing variety show "I am a singer" fifth season (now renamed "singer"), and to participate in the program recording. But deleted the program before the official micro-blog and Zhang Jingxuan all related content.

Zhang Jingxuan on the morning of 9 announced its accession to the singer program on micro-blog, but suffered a lot of friends boycott. Friends said it supported "Hong Kong Independence" black material is not suitable for artists misdeeds appeared in the "singer" on the stage. Zhang Jingxuan night long micro-blog said: "some people made strong words let me put on the" Hong Kong Independence "hat, I want to reiterate that I am a Chinese, have not" Hong Kong Independence ", and resolutely opposes any acts of secession, this is my principle. "

certification for micro-blog TV commentator" Mango Taiwan man "14 micro Bo said" Zhang Jingxuan from the "singer" program ", to remove Zhang Jingxuan has recorded programs in the competition play songs and interact with other guests of the lens, it can not delete several shots to" play ", and revealed the mosaic the official micro-blog to delete all related content. "Global Times" reporter 15, found that the official micro Zhang Jingxuan forwarded a "singer" associated with the original link micro-blog, has shown that sorry, micro-blog has been deleted by the author. "Hunan satellite TV, a well-known program planner 15" Global Times "reporter, said the details of the event does not understand, but I hope not to follow up on the matter.

Zhang Jingxuan was born in Guangzhou, in 2000 debut, and later by virtue of "breakpoint" "My Way" and other songs became popular, and moved to Hongkong. Hongkong in 2012 "national education" event, Zhang Jingxuan said publicly on facebook "decided to support what is fast friends" like the past and front shake hands, "said his family background" Genzheng Miao red ", that" democracy, freedom to Hongkong". In March 18, 2014, the outbreak of Taiwan sunflower student movement, Zhang Jingxuan issued a hand in his face on the picture, with the text said "on the other side of the students, come on! "Suspected support" sunflower learning". 2014 Hongkong illegal accounted for in the event, Zhang Jingxuan was burst chorus suspected in the song who asked who did not sound. In November 3, 2014, Zhang Jingxuan said on micro-blog that he has never published or participated in any so-called Hong Kong Independence and secession of the speech or activities, and stressed the strong opposition to the destruction of national unity". But users are not buying it, Hong Kong media quoted the mainland netizens said, "sorry, my motherland is not you want to hold the thigh can hold".

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