Man paralyzed on the outside of the dog lying on his body warm him 20 hours

Man hour ice day farmer

zhongqingwang· 2017-01-16 06:09:06

" these two days, the U.S. media reported an incident in the new year's Eve story, living in the north of Michigan uncle Bob is a 64 year old farmer, he lived in the 40 acre farm. When the home is only a 5 year old golden retriever named Kelsey with his new year. At 10:30 in the evening, in the room in the fireplace firewood burnt away quickly, Bob went to the house to get points during the day of split firewood. At that time, there was only 4.4 degrees below zero, Bob felt that he was just out for a little while, so he didn't change his clothes and went out of the house with his slippers and pajamas. He went down the steps, did not take two steps, foot suddenly on the frozen ground slipped and fell down.

" this tragic and makes Bob neck off fracture and intervertebral disc prominent at the perennial compression of the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis of the body. In a world of ice and snow, Bob is wearing thin pajamas lying in the snow began to shout for help, dogs rushed out of Kelsey. It was around Bob round and round, do not know what the owner is lying in the snow. The owner heard hoarse cries of pain and saw him look after Kelsey, usually robust hosts may not understand their own stand up, so the first head to the "arch" him, to help him up, but the effort is not enough. After that, Kelsey made a very unexpected Bob is also very touched, it lies on the Bob body, like a dog quilt, like the body's hair and body temperature for Bob heating. Then, Kelsey was afraid of the cold, so he licked his face and hands with his warm tongue to warm him up.

Kelsey" started screaming in the night barking, Kelsey from the evening call to the day. It has been barking loudly, always wanted someone to help. Master Bob's body temperature is getting lower and lower, and the consciousness is becoming blurred. Kelsey seems to know people in the ice when sleeping in the past, it may no longer be able to wake up, so Kelsey went to lick Bob face, shoot him with its claws, and bite him gently, to allow the owner to remain sober.

to Bob fell second days after 5 p.m., stiff night Bob could not sleep, sleeping in the past, how can he beat Kelsey up. Kelsey was frightened, and he began to cry, and then shouted with a louder, more dismal voice than before!

" finally, 20 hours later, at 6:30 in the afternoon, a farm to collect Bob egg neighbors heard Kelsey shrill cries, he immediately went to Bob home a look, found lying in the snow in Bob, then an ambulance came to the rescue. After a brief treatment, Bob immediately regained consciousness. Doctor Chaim Colen said: "without the dog, I really don't think he's alive. The dog kept him warm … … it was very warm, so (Bob) even without any signs of frostbite. "

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