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Trading Putian manufacturing sales distribution center

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After the

secret fake shoes of all night ghost city

reporter visited the Fujian Putian fake shoes trading center for the manufacture and sale of transportation industry chain formation occupation fake people from the source

9 every day at night, the streets are busy getting goods motorcycle

Fujian Putian was because a large number of counterfeit brand-name sports shoes production, dubbed the "fake shoes of all". Today, although the local government has repeatedly hit, but still repeated false shoes. Which is located near the northern city of Putian Anfu electric mall, shop the day lock, a rare figure, night lights, crowded, traffic flow, almost everyone lowered his voice in exchange, money, goods, or even a few streets near the regular traffic jam, here is called "night anfu". Recently, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter conducted a field visit to the site.

long-standing nocturnal busy ghost city

Putian fake shoes problem.

of fake shoes hit, local Putian never stop, query reports can be found, in May last year, Putian City Public Security Bureau destroyed 4 black shoe, involving Adidas, Nike and other well-known brands of fake shoes, a total value of more than ten million; in November 2014, the Ministry of public security, the Public Security Bureau of Fujian Province under the command of Putian police, more coordinated police busted producing and selling dens 10, involving the value of 3.5 yuan &hellip million; &hellip

; in addition to the local strike, are also trying to seek transformation. According to media reports, in April 2015, the mayor of Putian, Weng Yuyao personally even for the endorsement of Putian shoes, said the people of Putian to use the international standards to make Chinese good shoes. In order to help enterprises transformation and upgrading, the relevant departments of the Putian municipal government and commercial banks, as well as the transformation of enterprises to provide billions of credit support.

but today, fake shoes in Putian still did not ban, no one knows how many people in Putian are engaged in the manufacture and sale of fake shoes and related industries and to some extent, they are nocturnal, affects the city life.

BYD reporter found in visits, near Anfu electric mall has become the main trading area of imitation brand-name sports shoes, it is like a secret entrance to the city of Putian, is a related with fake brand-name shoes industry.

morning when reporters arrived near Anfu electric mall, the street was sparse, a handful of vehicles, roadside shops have few open, only a few restaurants, canteen in business. For these, the city people already got, "you can come and see us again after 9 o'clock in the evening, it is another world, will the traffic jam. "After the

9 in the evening, standing on the street near Anfu electric mall, motorcycles and electric cars to count seems to be in power mall assembled, they wore helmets on the road roaring. The door closed during the day to open one after another, near the electricity mall people have gradually more up, the scene is lively and lively contrast with the daytime, it is difficult to imagine that this is the same place. The air is filled with the pungent smell of gas, the motorcycle keeps riding on the horn, the shuttle in traffic flow, road crowded, there are people across the street, the speed of the car began to slow down, the street slowly began to jam.

mystery hidden WeChat business

business city, the road on both sides of the store already opened, people in and out, there have been riding a motorcycle rider walked into the store, take out a few boxes of shoes from the store on the motorcycle behind the box, then ride to electric mall opposite the village.

electric mall was full of side area and small store, store stocked with shoes and shoe rack placed on the most common is Adidas, Nike, and other well-known brand new 100-lun sports shoes. Most of these open stores are some of their own brands, trademarks and well-known brands just a few letters or change the figure.

in a shop, the reporter asked to buy a pair of Nike shoes, the shopkeeper asked directly to the real thing or "risk" (Gao Fangxie), when reporters want to "risk", "we don't have the shoes, but you can leave a WeChat, so I contacted you to pick up immediately. On the line. "

in the upcoming electric mall across the street area, also is the traffic flow, but with the electricity supplier to the city for many storefront door open, here is more like a small warehouse. In full of damp moldy odor of semi underground space, were very dark, almost every one is filled with a thick iron gate, there are people from the gates in carrying out a shoebox will continue to have, a man riding a motorcycle came from the opposite side of the city electricity supplier Anfu from the car, then put the shoes into the room. From some unlatched the door can see the room, piled up almost all of the high imitation Adidas, Nike shoes, some are together to deliver goods, some from here take delivery elsewhere. An old man who has been pulling the reporters to see the goods.

more than Anfu District, at a distance of one kilometer West District Fu Geng District, the same situation also appeared. At night, the roadside parked a van, after the car filled with Adidas, Nike shoes, riding a car carrying carton and rider. Most of the doors are closed, only when someone knocks at the door.

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