About the new car without changing network traffic hub will become the investigation area

New deal about car transportation hub parking lot point

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5 month buffer period became the key test of the new deal about the level of the car >

. The evening of January 13th, the NPC Standing Committee on municipal government bureaus, houses and city representatives and CPPCC members accept the Advisory Committee, and transportation committee spokesman said the military capacity, network about the new car buffer period, has been actively cooperate with the enterprises. During this period, the airport, railway station will be strictly controlled.

in December 21, 2016, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission officially released the "Beijing online booking taxi business service management implementation details" explicitly mentioned, Beijing is engaged in the network about the car driver operation must be Beijing household registration, the vehicle must hold Beijing card, and unified posted to identify, also proposed network about the car platform company not to help others in the name of in a private minibus carpool to provide about car service or network operation, platform operation requires access to the vehicle, shall be in accordance with the operation of passenger insurance premium, insurance compulsory insurance, payment amount not less than 1 million yuan of the third party liability insurance and passenger accident insurance.

previously, some car rental companies about service network platform relevant responsible person said to accept Beijing Daily reporter interview, Beijing network about the new car has just issued, the government departments to give 5 month buffer period, each net about car platform is gradually landing new rules. Rong Jun January 13th evening made it clear that the network about the new car will no longer be variables, regulators will refer to the rules of the new deal.

about the new deal on the car 5 months buffer period, traffic law enforcement and other relevant government departments to become the focus of supervision. Rong Jun said that during the buffer period, the relevant departments will be at airports, railway stations and other key points of strict control.

Beijing Daily reporter learned that, according to the August 2016 Ministry of transportation website "online booking taxi service specification (Draft)" shows that the net about car driver should wait for orders in place should not allow parking, should not set up a unified parade showmanship, cruise vehicle scheduling service station or the implementation of the queue waiting for customers place showmanship at the airport, railway station etc.. September 2016, the capital airport announced that the adjustment of the airport parking lot free parking policy for half an hour, a private car can only enjoy half an hour free parking.

according to the capital airport service department responsible person, before the capital airport No. 2 and No. 3 parking building for the first time into the parking lot vehicle hours still enjoy free concessions, 24 hours more than two admission, every 30 minutes to pay 5 yuan parking fees. The new deal has been implemented from 0:00 on October 10, 2016.

this move was seen as a strict control of the industry analysis of the car around the airport shuttle passengers to send one of the means. (reporter Liu Yu Chen Wei / photo)

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