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Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, senior foreign technology professionals of Apple products in recent years are summarized, in his opinion, the wireless headset AirPods Apple launched last year can be said to be the best apple products in recent years, and explains why he has such a view. The following is the full text.

the following is a short list of Apple products in the past few years:

- a pen, can touch on the iPad;

, a mouse, a smart watch when you are not working to charge

. A value of $350, but $150 can buy the same function watch

Jupiter size

tablet computer

port of the computer almost no

no mobile phone headset jack, unable to connect to the free port of notebook computer

because Apple has the durability and simplicity of its product design, product praised. But in recent years, the company has lost its way. Many of its new devices will make the user feel like a derivative of an old product, or a product that looks strange, rather than a better product. Consumers also seem to have the same view, in 2016, Apple Corp's profits and revenue last year showed a downward trend, which is the first time in 15 years, Apple's revenue decline.

but in these gadgets lacking creativity, Apple also released some really small to use products, such as Tic-Tac box wireless headset AirPods, it is apple in recent years, the most simple and best use of the product. In the Tim Cook era, there are few apple products, this wireless headset can be said to be an excellent product, it is very easy to use. Why is

the best?

really, they're very easy to use. Apple likes to describe its products as "magic."". However, few people think so in recent years, but the recent AirPods may allow people to rekindle this view. You can match it with the iPhone, when you open the container with AirPods, you will pop up a dialog box on the phone: "if you [AirPods]". There is no interference with Bluetooth settings, and no need to connect to the local Wi-Fi network, nor is there a typical networking device setup. Just open the box and connect to play the music. I've tried a lot of wireless headsets before, and no single product can be used so easily.

AirPods can also be connected to other non Apple devices, such as the general conventional headset (with a button on the device, can be used to find other devices or be found by other devices). In theory, AirPods will automatically connect to any apple device associated with your iPhone iCloud account, but in practice, I found that this is only sometimes connected. Sometimes I have to manually select my AirPods headphones from the Bluetooth menu to connect them to other apple devices.

their own charging equipment. Small toolbox will also begin to do something useful: the inclusion of these gadgets. Like Snap and Snapchat glasses. Apple official said, AirPods box can provide 24 hours of charging, and AirPods can continue to use electricity after the full five hours. But I have a different experience in this regard, I do not know if my AirPods battery is different, like Apple's latest MacBook Pro there is a battery.

they work independently, with automatic pause function. If you pull out a AirPod, no matter what you're listening to, it will automatically pause. If you take the two out at the same time, it will also be suspended. You can also use a AirPod to listen to music and make a phone call if you look forward to the middle of the Bluetooth headset.

they are very small. AirPods is much smaller than the average volume of other wireless headset devices. Its box is also easy to put into your pocket, which means you can take it anywhere. They also charge the same data lines as iPhone, so you just need to bring a data cable.

Siri right next to your ear. If you want to have a personal digital assistant, AirPods will be a perfect choice. Just double click on one side of the headset, you can easily activate the Siri, so you have a feeling that they are like the movie "Her" in the same Joaquin Phoenix.

their prices are reasonable. Apple products tend to be expensive in the market terminal, but this wireless headset is really cheap. 150, Bose wireless headset cost less than Apple's $10. A subsidiary of apple Bose Audio is a new wireless headset for about $40, but it differs from the AirPods two AirPods headset work independently, but it looks like there is no line Apple conventional EarPods headset.

what's wrong with it?

they look stupid. EarPods since 2012, although there is no beautiful design, but it has been an essential part of iPhone and iPad. There is no wire connection between the two headphones of the AirPods, and the rod is in a state of suspension, as from a distance, you look like you are wearing a very strange ear piercing.

they don't
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