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Cross strait relations that is the earthquake candidates

huanqiuwang· 2017-01-16 11:11:25

data figure: far to the South China Sea Training Ship in Liaoning via the Taiwan Strait from

[Global Times reporter Bi Fangyuan] in January 16th last year, Cai Yingwen won the election, she was on the DPP shouted "humility, humility, and humility." slogan. Taiwan's former Deputy Secretary General of the presidential palace, "long KMT members Luo Zhiqiang believes that if there is no opposition sound enough, the DPP will just humble abuse of power by the domineering fig leaf. So he quickly set up on the Internet, wild platform (opposition platform), strong supervision of Cai Yingwen administration. Over the past year, Cai Yingwen to Taiwan what changes? The day before Luo Zhiqiang accept the "Global Times" interview, said that this year, Taiwan into "four bad chain", namely, economic affairs, on both sides of bad bad bad bad, Cai Yingwen.

Global Times: can you talk about the changes in Taiwan in your eyes this year?

Luo Zhiqiang: a year ago, I had predicted that Cai Yingwen came to power, Taiwan will have a "four bad chain", first appears on both sides of the bad; bad words on both sides, Taiwan's economy will be bad; bad economic, Taiwan's interior will follow bad, bad interior, the Cai Yingwen administration is a bad ruling. Now a lot of people say I'm pretty accurate.

cross-strait issue is a common source of all problems in Taiwan, the common source. As a reservoir of water, if the source water quality is not good, the water supply of each household will be affected. I was raised on both sides of the earthquake on the first level, the magnitude is unchanged with the Ma Ying-Jeou administration of the state; the second magnitude is and is between the two sides verbal conflict; third magnitude is a "diplomatic" on renewed economic Fiberhome; fourth grade into a vicious cycle; fifth magnitude military. Light is the show of force, sporadic clashes, heavy words, local wars, and even total war. Cai Yingwen, the voters have psychological expectations, that cross-strait relations will be not good, but people do not want to see the people's livelihood, social peace, comprehensive collapse. But the current situation is that five of the magnitude of the magnitude of the second, has emerged, and even to the magnitude of the fifth, some of the performance in the military, the current stay in force display on the.

over the past year, the "four bad chain" prophecy has been achieved, resulting in political uncertainty is not optimistic. In Taiwan now the magnitude, can bear the impact of this undulator, is my worst fear.

Global Times: what do you think is the reason for all this?

Luo Zhiqiang: all of these are not the inevitable tragedy, Cai Yingwen hands actually have a key to solve the problem, is to accept the "92 consensus", it helps to stabilize the basic pattern of cross-strait relations, the buffer period of at least two or three years to Taiwan. Cai Yingwen does not accept the 92 consensus, may be concerned about the independent faction view. Now Taiwan into "four bad chain", this is a difficult, but Cai Yingwen's own face "Pro independence" when the pressure is small, large and small hard to choose between the hard one, as a leader, she should get difficult, difficult to give up the small.

Global Times: this year, you are always the first time on the network to attack Cai Yingwen's policies, blue camp is the most sharp anti Cai pioneer, can talk about experience.

Luo Zhiqiang: in January last year, I set up on the network, wild Taiwan this platform, is the opposition platform means. Since the transfer of political power, we should first concentrate on supervision of the Democratic Progressive Party, not entangled in the Kuomintang internal friction. "Wild" now has more than 30 thousand members, more than and 140. We adhere to the "four force", not a rumor, not personal attacks, do not curse, Taiwan does not encourage violence, forced government supervision, be a rational political opposition platform. My face book (Facebook account, the same below) has about 300000 people concerned. Now is the era of network, and the traditional politics is the same, with the network platform for creativity, passion, action, just a few resources, you can play a game of "rice shrimp wins big whale's new campaign. At the end of last year, I announced that I was going to vote for the mayor of Taipei in the face book, with a about 200000 interest rate, which is also a high degree of concern in the traditional media in Taiwan.

Global Times: why do you want to broadcast the KMT chairman election campaign?

Luo Zhiqiang: Cai Yingwen lost the public did not flow to the kmt. This shows that the Kuomintang has a problem, here in Dali and the extension of product was not enough, but little friction on the idea is very large, can be described as bone knife, which makes the party in a relatively fragile state and fall apart. The party chairman election, we are very worried about is the beginning of another wave of severe internal friction. I don't want to join the internal friction, also don't want to talk to, I decided to contribute their network visibility, help each candidate spread their ideas. Traditional media do not pay attention to the concept of the KMT candidate, they are only interested in the KMT infighting, I would like to serve as a platform to spread their ideas, so that more people hear them.

Global Times: in your opinion, what is the root cause of disunity within the Kuomintang party?

Luo Zhiqiang: the Kuomintang problem is the core concept of duckweed, can not find the root. 30 years ago, the central idea is the "three people's principles unified Chinese". It was once the highest banner, calling on the Kuomintang to fight together. But now, "unity" this flag is still, but

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