Liyan Tong's voice: start refueling ya ya


wangyiyule· 2017-01-16 13:38:53

" Liyan Tong circle of friends statement

NetEase reported on January 16th issued today Liyan Tong entertainment Zhuangao circle of friends, only a simple sentence: "again, ya ya gas. The picture above is a screenshot of the reality show "real man" in her, holding her son blossoming, forehead offset, the picture of the text is: "what can not defeat me. "

1 9 months, according to micro-blog called" paparazzi "great friends broke the news, Chen Sicheng was late at night and the two woman in a room, and the night is not out of the hotel. News came out, quickly aroused concern.

it is understood that Chen Sicheng and Liyan Tong love in "Beijing love story", married in 2014, and in 2016 a son. Two people have been to show people the image of a loving couple.

today, Liyan Tong made such a circle of friends to cheer myself up, suspected to forgive Chen Sicheng, start again.

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