Chinese first stealth fighters 20 machine almost not?

Stealth fighter fighter China cruiser

junshixinguancha· 2017-01-16 22:51:58

[348] military girl talk China filed first stealth fighter, a military sense knows is twenty fighters, but China also had a stealth fighter project is much earlier than twenty fighters, even more than the J-10 to be early. If this project is successful, then Chinese will likely and the United States also has the new fighter, and all this must be a former Soviet Union named Yake 141 fighters speaking.

" many people will be surprised, many Soviet carriers such as Kiev, the narrow flight deck could not sue 33 carrier aircraft landing large, so why call the carrier? In fact, the Soviet Union's fixed wing aircraft is not only a su 33, there is a similar British harrier VTOL aircraft - to Yake 38, but the aircraft in the last century until the mid 80s will have retired, so little is known. During the cold war, the Soviet Union although vigorously develop nuclear submarines and ballistic missiles, spare no effort in the development of sea power has been - carrier, the development of a variety of aircraft carrier (or aircraft carrier, cruiser dabbler) for confrontation with the United States, can be equipped with VTOL aircraft Yake 38 ships, although warfare is limited (VTOL aircraft. Similar ordinary fighters are not up to half strength), but finally there are carrier facts. Yake 38 poor reliability, poor to what extent? There is an exaggerated point of view: according to the current 38 Yake accident rate and speed, wait until the middle of 90s, the Soviet Navy no VTOL aircraft available.

", although the Soviet Union has been a Kuznetsov class carrier and Su 33 aircraft, but the number is too small and in Shanghai there are still a large number of "half baked" aircraft carrier in service, to develop a new generation of VTOL aircraft to replace Yake 38 imminent, and this new generation of aircraft is Jacques 141.

Jacques 141 is a real fighter era, it is the world's first vertical takeoff and landing aircraft supersonic flight; is the first aircraft by triplexed and with full authority DFBW system VTOL aircraft is the first large-scale application of the composite; the material of Soviet aircraft, the application of carbon fiber volume accounted for 28% of the weight of the body, it is unthinkable at the time. The aircraft in the first flight in 1987, many advanced design makes Jacques 141 became a very good at the time of the take-off and landing aircraft.

Jacques 141 ship test photos

however Born Under A Bad Sign to describe Jacques 141 again appropriate, first successful test flight will meet the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russian economy is on the verge of collapse of the successor, let alone Jacques 141 projects, even those almosts carrier are gone. Without a continuation of the funds, two did not fit the aircraft carrier, coupled with Jacques itself is not perfect enough, resulting in the project canceled in 1991. But Jacques did not give up the aircraft design bureau, has been in Jacques 141 land-based versions of research, hoping to get other countries. In 1998 Chinese with Russia on the Jacques 141 project contact, hope to improve a new VTOL aircraft based on Jacques 141, and China scheme is based on Jacques 141 on the hanging type mailbox, let the plane with "invisible appearance", that is to say to make a plane lift, pull end to achieve the purpose of stealth appearance. However,

in the vertical takeoff and landing aircraft on the modification of the original weight is too complex, plus Jacques 141 itself is not perfect (but seemingly advanced flight control system is not stable, which at the time and did not have the ability to improve the flight control, Americans are the best in all the land on the successful application of F35B vertical takeoff and landing aircraft digital flight control), the final China contact Jacques failed to achieve the dream of 141. If the project was successful, and now the Chinese air force is a scene?

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