Seagate factory is just a microcosm

Suzhou industry Seagate miniature

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" last week, the world's largest Seagate hard drive manufacturer issued a "Suzhou" to all employees of Seagate's announcement, the announcement officially shut down Suzhou factory, and will lay off 2000 people. After a round of factory closures tide, the world's largest hard disk manufacturers actually fell, the entire manufacturing industry suddenly fell into a panic! According to Lei Feng

network understanding, Seagate Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou Seagate") was founded in 2003, mainly the production of notebook computer hard disk and desktop computer hard disk and so on; and its predecessor is Maituo Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., 2005, Seagate's price of $1 billion 900 million to be acquired. And after the closure of Seagate Suzhou, Seagate in the global hard drive assembly plant and Wuxi plant and Thailand plant.

so why take root in China more than a decade of Seagate suddenly announced the closure of the factory? For this issue, the industry is also divergent.

netizens said that Seagate Suzhou closed because the tax bureau fined, even more open the hole to the matter and Trump to China's strategy involved together. Although we do not know the specific reasons for the moment, but rational analysis, the closure of the Suzhou Seagate is actually a microcosm of the entire hard disk industry decline. According to informed sources, as early as September 2015, Seagate Suzhou has begun layoffs, in December last year, the industry has come to the news that the factory closed down in. There is no denying that the closure of Seagate Suzhou and its own business adversely related, but the more terrible fact is that the entire hard disk industry in recession, or even become a sunset industry.

insiders said to Lei Feng network, PC market is obvious to all of us, which directly led to the decline in hard disk shipments, even more frightening is that SSD is still replacing the traditional hard disk.

SSD replace HDD is the trend of

an industry fell, there will be a new industry rise! From the storage market now, SSD continue to lower the price, and the capacity of almost HDD (mechanical hard disk) not much difference between, but in terms of performance, the former can almost finish the latter: read speed

faster read speed of

SSD can reach 400M/s, write speed is also more than 130M/s, which is 3-5 times of mechanical hard disk

; seismic capacity of traditional mechanical hard disk inside the head of high-speed operation, its seismic capability is very poor, so the mechanical electrical hard if it is used in the movement or vibration, it is easy to damage the hard disk. The mechanical hard disk using chip storage scheme, no internal head, with seismic ability strong, even if it is used in motion or vibration, it is not easy to damage;

SSD power consumption is low, and have very low power standby function, while the mechanical hard disk is not available;

noise in the operation of

SSD basically can not hear any noise the mechanical hard to listen to, can hear the internal rotation of the disk and shaking voice, some relatively long use of mechanical hard disk noise is more obvious.


SSD heating performance is better, after the operation of the surface can not feel the obvious heat, and the mechanical hard disk running for a period of time, can be clearly felt by hand is hot.

" in fact, SSD has more simple than mechanical hard disk results from the master and flash, and flash SSD is undoubtedly the most important part is the world's largest storage vendors such as Toshiba, Samsung and Hynix, micron and SanDisk (is the acquisition of WD) has become the main game player flash market, while other companies want to impact the possibility of five Dachang is almost 0.

as everyone knows, rival WD 2015 Seagate once $19 billion acquisition of SanDisk, WD through this acquisition successfully got the SSD and Seagate tickets; the result of the transformation is not satisfactory, although the acquisition of LSI flash memory sector, but also consumption level and enterprise level SSD product line, but it is still considered mechanical hard disk as the main market, which also led to the Seagate lost the initiative in the SSD market.

"I believe that the mechanical hard disk can be developed for at least 15 years, or for 20 years. Seagate CFO David Morton had said so.

but the reality is cruel, wrong step, loser! SSD by virtue of better performance, the built-in SSD terminal equipment has become a trend. Data show that from 2011 to 2015, SSD shipments from 14 million 600 thousand growth to 102 million, growth of nearly 700%; while shipments of mechanical hard disk from 621 million 500 thousand to 468 million 900 thousand pieces of cliff style decline, a decline of 24%, then this figure will be more ugly. In contrast, SSD in the past year is contrarian, only shipments in the first quarter of 2016 reached 30 million 777 thousand, an increase of 32.7%. According to the

data at the beginning of last year, shipments of hard Volume 49 million 700 thousand WD a quarter, compared with the previous quarter decreased by 2 million year-on-year, 11 million 300 thousand less, the rate reached 18.5%; the same period Seagate's shipments of 45 million 900 thousand, less than the previous quarter 1 million 200 thousand, representing a 10 million 900 thousand less, as much as 19.2%.

therefore, Seagate and Western data have the same experience, but the impact of Seagate greater. Lei Feng network understand that Seagate's hard disk shipments have appeared for 8 consecutive quarters of decline in the face of the market

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Seagate factory is just a microcosm