The girl picked up nearly a million banknotes scattered alarm: come to my restaurant owner to work

Alarm restaurant adventure the owner the police

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(Chengdu girls night supplement original title: million yuan banknotes scattered on the ground)

近万元钞票散落女孩拾起报警 失主:来我酒楼上班

Shijinbumei Yang Xianqiao.

近万元钞票散落女孩拾起报警 失主:来我酒楼上班

class= "pictext" align= "center" > Yang Xianqiao found nearly ten thousand yuan in cash in the name of "center"

近万元钞票散落女孩拾起报警 失主:来我酒楼上班

owner Mr. Cheng (left) to claim the lost money.

this morning I received a phone call from the police station, really did not expect......" On the afternoon of 16, opened the restaurant in Chengdu District of Longquanyi Road, Mr. Zheng Long filled with a thousand regrets. He did not think that the money was stolen, he was moved by the girl shijinbumei.

15 day and night, Mr. Zheng because of negligence on the front of the car, lost a lot of cash but unaware. Then a young girl to work through, and no money left, but to squat put a picture of scattered notes picked up on the ground, and dialed 110...... Finally, Mr. Zheng got lost and complex, the expression of a willingness to invite Shijinbumei Yang Xianqiao -- in his mind, "the most beautiful girl" to their units to work.

a peaceful and prosperous time. alarm 110, I picked up a sum of money

according to the Longquanyi District North Road police station Yan Chaofeng introduction, on the evening of 15 about 10 points 05 points, the 110 received a phone call from a girl. The girl said, he picked up a cash in long road a restaurant door, she has been waiting at the scene, but did not see the owner, to hope the police to the scene to deal with.

Yan Chaofeng alarm at the scene, but he did not think the girl picked up a handful of bare bills, rather than the wallet, and the amount is relatively large, so he took the girl back to the police station.

inventory, the girl picked up a large amount of cash, a total of 9322 yuan. The girl described, when she passed the scene, the ground will be scattered a lot of money, he was stunned, and then squat down to pick up these scattered bills one by one. At that time, she gave in to the scene, directly to the owner. But because of the money is not a high degree of recognition of private goods, for this reason, she quickly chose the alarm.

according to the girl's story, Yan Chaofeng out of the Skynet monitoring incident, and real-time video surveillance confirmed true girl.

to search the owner to find the lost money effect Skynet monitor

who is the owner?

will Skynet monitoring playback after more than and 10 minutes, the police noticed such a picture: the incident rushed off a car, the car down the bow looking around, looking for every corner, what drove away not found.

"according to our initial judgment Skynet observation, the owner may be the owner." Yan Sui Chaofeng through the license plate number to contact the owner, but not easy to find a phone but couldn't get through. Until 16 in the morning, just open up the owner of the phone, the other side is the money owner Mr. zheng.

16 on the morning of 10, received a phone call to Mr. Cheng, the North Main Road police station, after further verification of information, confirmed that the money is his first night lost. When you pick up the money, Mr. Zheng was very excited and happy, said it wanted to meet the girl. Unfortunately, because the girl when the night shift, she gave the money to the police custody after the home leave, so let Mr. Zheng personally thank wishes off the air.

there is a detail that he was very touched. That night he entered the scene behind Skynet, just to have a handlebar his car license plate especially bright, Yan police officers and colleagues in order to find the owner as soon as possible, to identify the license plate took a long time, very hard.

wants to invite sincerely invited the girl to work with

16 in the afternoon, Mr Cheng told the WCC - cover news reporter about the lost after.

restaurant Cheng, night after closing, then the day's business section and put it in his coat pocket, ready to put the bag on the train again. On the train, including his 4 adults with a child, but because of taking care of children, Mr. Zheng did not pay attention to the money in the pocket, inadvertently fall out. After watching the monitor, found the money scattered on the ground, but Mr. Zheng unaware, closed the door and drove off.

"when I found out that the money was gone, it was more than and 10 minutes before I drove back to look for it, but I couldn't find it." Look at the monitor, Mr. Zheng said, he turned back to the time, and this girl just stagger the girl standing in the corner, the police, and also didn't notice him.

girl will find their cash is not bad to return to the hands of Mr. Cheng, which makes him very touched. He said, when the morning back to their own money, although not seen this girl, but in the afternoon and his girl opened the phone, I sincerely express my thanks. "The creditthat girl, my heart is the most beautiful girl. I heard that she was on the night shift, work is also more difficult, I hope to invite her to my restaurant to work, preferential treatment!" Mr. Cheng has repeatedly said.

said the most beautiful

girls: not their own, it should be a lot of people back to a point

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