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beijingshangbao· 2017-01-17 08:55:40

because of its virtual reality head wearing device manufacturer Oculus's VR technology accused of plagiarism patent technology, Facebook company CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared in court on January 17th to testify for Oculus >VR巨头涉嫌剽窃 母公司Facebook遭索赔

. It is reported that this patent dispute has lasted more than two years, as early as 2014, Zenimax company launched a lawsuit against Facebook and Facebook compensation for the loss of $2 billion, which is the amount of Oculus acquisition in 2014 of Facebook. At this stage the case has entered the stage of the jury trial. In addition to the zhake Bo particularly, Oculus founder Palmer Raj and other relevant personnel will testify.

Zenimax said that in 2013, when John Carmack left the company, copying Zenimax's secret technical information, a violation of his agreement with Zenimax employees. While Oculus executives deliberately by 5 employees hired John Carmack and ID Software, this way to steal trade secrets and related software, and will use these technologies as its basic technology of virtual reality software. In addition, Zenimax also accused Facebook in the acquisition, has been aware of some of the core patents Oculus is stolen from the Zenimax side. However, Facebook believes that Zenimax's claim is not based on the reason for the lawsuit because the company missed the opportunity to invest in Oculus before the acquisition of Oculus Facebook.

Zhang Jingcheng, director of China's Creative Industries Research Center, said that VR as a more popular new technology, or a new industry in recent years has been a certain development. From the VR patent technology disputes can be seen in the current VR market, the importance of core technology. But for the company, some of the core VR technology breakthrough in the field is not easy, for the average company is even more so, because of the lack of sufficient funds and equipment to develop technology, which makes VR Domain company copying each other more.

aside the outcome of this patent dispute, the recent development of Oculus is not ideal. As one of the giants of VR technology, Oculus was founded in 2012, launched VR products are also popular, and with HTC, SONY and other manufacturers in the VR market has been a leading position. July 2014, Facebook to $2 billion acquisition of Oculus. But relying on social networks in the outbreak of Oculus VR in 2016, the situation is not optimistic. On the one hand, HTC Vive and PSVR has appeared, the current VR game market further squeezed; on the other hand, Oculus company experienced Department split, CEO outgoing events such as also let begin to question whether the prospects for the development of the industry. If the Zenimax win, Oculus will not only lose the market position, will also be the end of Facebook's "VR pioneer" reputation.

as a new technology, VR future prospects are still good, but the development of VR technology also requires a process." Zhang Jing said: "for those with the core competitiveness of the enterprise, should do the technical research and development, and in the process of technology research and development, make long-term plans on production, promotion and other aspects of the product. From the first generation of products, it is necessary to do a good job in the technical level of the next generation of technical reserves, as well as the next step in the promotion and application of key products. In this way, after the introduction of the first generation of products, will be able to quickly capture the market, and in the popularity of this technology, the rapid introduction of the next generation of products to protect their own interests." In addition to

, enterprises should also do their own protection of intellectual property rights, on the one hand can be applied for patent protection from the legal level. On the other hand, for the core technology, while the patent is also intended to conceal technical secrets is a big way. (reporter Lu Yang intern reporter Deng Xingzi)

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