Hard disk fading Seagate and Western data are going


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hard disk fading West past

of hard disk enterprises, this winter is very cold. Recently, the world's largest manufacturer of hard disk Seagate announced the closure of the factory in Suzhou, and lay off 2000 people. The world's second largest manufacturer of hard disk WD performance also began to seek capital loss, failed. Hard disk market is experiencing a revolution, online storage of the personal computer market sales fell, SkyDrive's popular cause mechanical hard disk market crisis, at the same time, solid state drive technology and superior capacity began to fling, Seagate and Western data are also seeking transformation of SSD market, but they seem to enter the market and not only is the time lag problem, in the absence of major technological innovation under the condition of Seagate and WD this pair of fellow sufferers have little chance to reverse the decline.

factory layoffs

1 10, Seagate factory in Suzhou officially posted dissolution announcement, said that for the continuous optimization of operational efficiency considerations, to make early dissolution of factory, Seagate Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. to become history. Announcements, the dissolution of the factory in Suzhou is to continue to reduce the size of the global production of Seagate, in order to better adapt to the needs of the market and the future of one of the measures. For employees who are cut, will be in accordance with the labor contract law in accordance with the law to pay compensation, on January 11th -18 date for staff leave formalities. Seagate said, Seagate Suzhou factory closed group to optimize operational efficiency, integration of resources and cost control part, the normal adjustment is the Seagate group the market changes and the group's own capacity based on the.

it is understood that Seagate technology in China has two factories in Suzhou and Wuxi. Which is located in Suzhou City Industrial Park, the Seagate factory in Suzhou, formerly known as Maituo Technology (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. (2005 acquired by Seagate for $1 billion 900 million), the main production of own brand (Seagate) notebook computer desktop computer hard disk, hard disk and enterprise server hard disk.

at present, the total capacity of China's Seagate region accounted for more than 70% of global shipments, in 2012 Seagate Wuxi and Suzhou factory cumulative hard disk shipments have exceeded $1 billion. In addition, Seagate's Suzhou factory in 2015 foreign trade import and export volume of $1 billion 920 million, in 2016 the import and export volume of about $1 billion 200 million, which means that its trade volume fell by 36% in a year.

2015 years, Seagate has been in the world for less than 5 large-scale personnel adjustments, a total of layoffs of 14100 people. Seagate group vice president Mike tax and international business management, January 16th, · responded that, due to the global macroeconomic situation changes, the global market demand for notebook, personal computer and enterprise hard decreased significantly. Last year, Seagate group has been faced with difficulties, not in the global scope is reduced up to 14%.

Seagate technology enterprise information department director Zhang Guichen said, in the future, Seagate will pay attention to China market as in the past, the Wuxi factory as one of the most important production base of the company, continue to optimize the investment business to meet market demand.

same fate as well as western data. In June last year, there is news that WD once again make layoffs, the total number of layoffs of 507 people, is distributed in the surrounding Silicon Valley and Southern Cali area. It is understood that the total number of employees in western data in 2015 was about 76 thousand people, the company has been submitted in mid May last year, the relevant staff layoffs.

performance in the doldrums

off factory layoffs from the two major hard disk companies continued to slump performance. In October last year, Seagate announced the company's first quarter of fiscal year 2016 earnings, in terms of mechanical hard disk shipments from the previous quarter's lowest point, but still not optimistic. As of the end of September 30th last year, Seagate shipped hard disk 38 million 900 thousand, an increase of 6% over the previous quarter, the number of 36 million 800 thousand, but still far less than the same period in 2015 of 47 million 200 thousand. As of July 1, 2016, Seagate's fourth quarter revenue of $2 billion 654 million, down 9.3%, net profit of $207 million, down by 17.2%.

as the world's second largest manufacturer of hard disk, the western data is not a good day. Western data for the four quarter ended July 1, 2016, the results show that the company's operating income of $3 billion 500 million, a net loss of $351 million, or $1.34 per share. In 2008, western data had laid off 2500 people, while most of its production suspended for nearly two weeks, in addition, the company's chief executive salary reduced by 1/3. Western data released earlier in a statement that the number of layoffs equivalent to 5% of the total number of employees of the company. It is understood that the Western revenue data for the quarter was $1 billion 800 million, lower than their own and analysts expected $2 billion 30 million.

performance in the case of weak, September 2015, violet shares (51.750, -0.99, -1.88%) under a wholly owned subsidiary of Hongkong purple Joint Information System Co. Ltd. and WD had signed the "subscription agreement", plans to invest $3 billion 775 million, according to the number of Western 15% of the shares, becoming its largest shareholder, and a board seat. However, because of the agreement was the United States overseas investment commission (CFIUS) survey, in February last year, the western data was told that the termination of the transaction, the capital injection plan therefore abortion. The acquisition of

in September 2016, after the failure, purple stock and WD jointly announced that the two sides will contact

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Hard disk fading Seagate and Western data are going


Hard disk fading Seagate and Western data are going