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regulators and rectify all types of chaos exchange board, the play is not light. In the Commission announced last week after the joint meeting part of the rectification of the deployment, in January 16th, Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters learned from an insider to get a more complete conference materials. The material shows that, after investigation, the illegal "liar spot exchange" over 300, for the precious metals, YouBiKa, crude oil exchange. The meeting issued a stringent requirements, the need to urge the local jurisdiction of illegal trading places cleaning and sorting disposal, "the merger of the merger, the closure of the deadline, suspected of a crime to the public security and judicial organs".

three was named

1 key exchange on Sept. 9, the Commission has issued a "joint meeting held the third meeting of the deployment of rectification of" looking back "" announcement, informed of the situation and problems of the current trading venues, said some in the exchange through the acceptance after violations ", the relevant departments to deploy a stirring among the dry bones" to carry out thorough rectification look back activities, focus on remediation in half a year.

new round of consolidation of the exchange of the storm began. However, at the time of the Commission's announcement, although the phenomenon of multiple types of stock exchanges are point again, but did not disclose the number of violations of the exchange and regional distribution and other details. In January 16th, sources said, according to a meeting of the relevant information, a total of more than and 300 suspected illegal futures trading, "securities" speculative trading and other illegal trading places, concentrated in Dalian, Hebei, Hunan, Ningxia, Beijing and other places, for the precious metals, YouBiKa, crude oil exchange.

this information has been confirmed. A local exchange manager shows a conference brochure called "various types of trading venues straighten out the inter ministerial joint conference third conference" to the Beijing daily reporter. According to the meeting materials, the diagnostic statistics, the country's 36 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) a total of 1131 trading venues, the number of single area exchange more than 50 of the city, Dalian topped 86, followed by Hebei (79), Shanghai (71), Jiangsu (70), Qingdao (66). From the regional point of view, the number of regional trading places more than 50 mainly in the eastern provinces.

is also the eastern provinces of the exchange of illegal disaster areas". An investigation found that the illegal trading places a total of 300, accounting for about 27% of the total number of trading venues. The largest number of illegal trading places are Dalian (39), Hebei (29), Ningxia (), Beijing (14), Jiangsu (), the top five in the east.

from the category view, carry out YouBiKa and precious metals, crude oil trading places with higher rates of violations. YouBiKa up to 85% (45 illegal), precious metals (up to 85% and 76 of the crude oil was 59% (35), which at the same time to carry out illegal), precious metals and oil trading up to 87% (20 illegal). It should be noted that, due to the failure of the area within the jurisdiction of all on-site verification and other reasons, the actual proportion of various types of trading venues may be higher. Early

supervision of the lack of uniform standards as the focus of the

was named the YouBiKa transaction type, industry insiders, the problems found, regulators to exchange various surveys. This investigation is from the beginning of October 2016, the office of the joint meeting had issued the "notice" for a thorough investigation of various types of trading venues, the deployment of the provincial people's government carried out investigation on the area of trading places.

many industry insiders pointed out that many of the local government itself is the local exchange "umbrella" for local financing needs before the establishment of the exchange, so chaos to turn a blind eye. Local exchanges are therefore more daring. Prior to the Beijing Daily reporter had contacted a crude oil investor, the investor in Qilu commodity trading center under the 208 member units located in Hefei Qingdao Fu Qiankun commodity management limited account investment Qilu oil trading, only 3 days on the loss of nearly 600 thousand yuan.

this kind of platform and spot oil, gold and silver trading banner, with high returns flicker uninformed investors, while frequent trading lure investors to earn huge fees for gambling transactions, while illegal and investors, the investors lose everything. Behind the huge loss of investors, these members earn pots full bowl full.

regulation is not only recently aware of the problem. As early as 2011, the State Council has made it clear that the local exchange who approved the principle of who, clear the duties of rectification by the local government to fulfill. 2013, the office of the joint meeting has also carried out a round of rectification, closing the 215 exchanges, the transition is no longer engaged in the exchange business has 5. But in this round of rectification, some exchanges still wanton, even in violation of approval after the show supervision is a stirring among the dry bones, not strong normative in the actual operation process, among local governments but also the lack of a unified regulatory rules.

for local efforts to purge to strengthen the exchange of chaos, the efforts to further strengthen the purge than before. Such meeting

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