Should Wenger be dismissed from Arsenal?


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Arsenal this season's results to say to the satisfaction of the people. At the end of the season or seasons as the fourth place in the Premier League, Champions League 16 strong. However, there is no high transfer, on the main season and rotation basically no loss, so stable performance can not help but let how ironic.

this one, Wenger's big responsibility? Very large.

this season against Arsenal team when the performance is very stable, the root is losing hope to win against a good team when the collapse of a A rout is like a landslide. 2-3 after a minute, in a major British company's Premiership odds, Arsenal have this has no advantage: lore, reversal of Leicester city and Tottenham respectively by 8 for font-family: and 1 "font-family: 2 / font-family: Arial" > the odds in the first row, second only to 411 3, this is the reality. Face is almost second line-up of Manchester United, Arsenal without warning in disarray, before the game was optimistic about the situation of carrying the somersault.

in the face of strong teams, the team lacked variety, can not make appropriate response. Coach character will affect the team's character develop, Wenger character refined, lack of a domineering, in the face of adversity spirit is very easy to collapse, this is Arsenal reversed rarely, in the strong dialogue repeatedly hit by a large margin, one of the reasons.
, you can say this is Wenger opinionated, want to use their own familiar routines to defeat all opponents, do not know how to size up the situation, on the other hand. You can also say. This is Arsenal's staffing issues. But when it comes to staffing, Arsenal's transfer strategy, the introduction of the player, is not Wenger responsible for it?
when it comes to this, have to talk about differences in the management mode of the traditional English Premier League and European continental teams. Premier League coach of the team has a lot of power, is responsible for the cultivation of the tactics, the player in addition to, but also to responsible for the team's transfer policy, team management, far beyond the scope of Coach, can be said that the more close to the A / span>Manager the role, which represented by Sir Alex Ferguson and professor. However, in recent years, in order to Spurs and Manchester City as the representative of some of the Premier League teams, have also moved to the sports director and coach two yuan separation model, so that the main coach to concentrate on the technical level. Which of the two modes is better or worse? As we all know, specialization of social division of labor can improve the efficiency of production, so the answer may be self-evident.

People's energy is limited, too many distractions in the management team will would not likely be Wenger for lack of preparation of the team tactics for a reason? Personally feel that it is not impossible. Maybe this is reason of the decline of traditional management mode of Premier League, of course, we also very difficult to find Sir Alex Ferguson professor so enough control global coach.

from the tactical point of view, Wenger did not Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho's own system, there is no Benitez, Carlo Ancelotti due to appropriate; from the transfer level is concerned, very unique vision, explore the many good players, but in recent years in the transfer market became hesitant conservative; from the training of players speaking, cultivate the a large number of good players (Henry and Robin van Persie, small, Mithras), but in recent years, because for tactical stubbornly and persistently, nor without delay player development (Arshavin, check mark, gervinho).
admittedly, sentimentally, as one has coached the team 20 season coaching sessions over a thousand field, made numerous brilliant, to help the team to build a new stadium, ran into trouble in the team does not abandon, maintaining the basic competitiveness of the team, not reduced. Finally got up to now, the team has been improved at this time, let Wenger class, how can people accept?
but rational point of view, professor if left to each other may not be a good thing? The professor can go to the big Paris to feel the feelings of the buy who buy the feeling, Arsenal can also go to the next era, there may be pain, but at least not stagnant.


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