The year of the film industry inventory: movie box office flying wins

Inventory industry box office film and television

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[Abstract] according to SARFT data, in 2016 the total national film box office was 45 billion 712 million yuan, an increase of 3.73%, while the same period last year, the box office growth of up to 48%.

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BAT in base issue defeat force fell into 5 Wanda cinema

monkey film industry inventory: movie box office flying wins

times weekly reporter Shi Lu from Shanghai

2016 film is a farewell barbaric growth in this year, with the addition of BAT and other Internet Co, film and television industry rules being broken, at the same time, the capital into the film gradually return to rational, the bubble being squeezed out.

this year, China film market highs, the summer, the national archives has lost, let early shouted "the impact of 60 billion at the box office" insiders are all stunned, rampant Chinese film market "inflection point".

as the film industry's most upstream IP, 2016 hot degree remarkable, many IP explosion models have been made into a movie works, but with the audience, so the box office is not cheap.

midstream and the field this year with the Internet spoiler, competition is more intense, with the ticket war ended, at the end of last year issued a guarantee issued in two however the film succeeds, the rest are "heroic sacrifice". Ali, the Tencent in Xuanfa field force, and the traditional distribution companies compete for market share.

as the film industry realized the last step, downstream theaters also ushered in the first round of mergers and acquisitions last year war, with the country prefix in a landing of the capital market, cinema between feudal hegemony is more intense, but it still does not affect the position of brother Wanda in cinema.

also with the power of capital, as well as film star asset securitization. Last year, the film star curves through mergers and acquisitions and other means to enter the A stock market, using the halo effect itself to liquidate assets, with the help of A shares overnight continue to unfold the story, it is worth mentioning that the film star Zhao Wei has suddenly become the vanguard culture (600576.SH) of the actual controller.

box office Gaokaidizou won last year

2016 movie ended in disappointment, with the beginning of the year 60 billion yuan missed the target.

according to SARFT data, in 2016 the national film total box office was 45 billion 712 million yuan, an increase of 3.73%, while the same period last year, the box office growth of 48%.

at the same time, 40759 blocks, China the screen number 41179 has exceeded the United States so Chinese single screen box office is 1 million 250 thousand yuan, 1 million 590 thousand yuan compared with single screen box office in 2015, fell more than 20%.

the national box office, city cinema viewing of 1 billion 372 million passengers, an increase of 8.89%; domestic movie box office is 26 billion 663 million yuan, accounting for 58.33% of the total box office. Domestic film overseas box office and sales revenue 3 billion 825 million yuan, an increase of 38.09%.

compared to 2014 full year ticket room reached 29 billion 600 million yuan, in 2015 the annual film box office was $44 billion 69 million, the latter growth rate of up to 48%. In contrast, the 2016 growth rate fell sharply, basically missed the target of 60 billion yuan.

2016 domestic box office box office champion and imported film box office champion is the "Mermaid" and "crazy animal city". China's movie box office in the top ten of the film, the total box office of a total of $13 billion 10 million, compared with the first ten films in 2015, the total box office reached a significant reduction of $15 billion 265 million. A total of 7 films at the box office of more than $1 billion 300 million in 2015, while only 3 in 2016.

worth mentioning is that in 2016 the number of imported films reached a record high of 92, a total of $84 in the year of the movie box office breaking billion yuan, the mainland's box office exceeded $9 film.

2016 domestic movie box office showed a declining trend in the first quarter, the momentum of rapid development of China's film market stalls, continued to force the spring festival. The annual box office top ten films in 4 are concentrated in the Spring Festival, are the "Mermaid" "journey to the west of the Sun Wukong" three strikes "Macao Fengyun 3" and "Kung Fu Panda 3", and the four films at the box office more than 1 billion yuan.

among them, the Stephen Chow film "Mermaid" is set a number of records, has become the Chinese film box office in the history of the championship, breaking the "catch" the previous box office record. Since the summer, the national archives, even the Lunar New Year stalls have suffered in Waterloo, similar to the 2015 "Sherlock" worry "dragon tactic" this explosion models difficult to reproduce.

2016 new cinema 1612, the new screen of 9552. At present, China's total number of screens has reached 41179, surpassing the United States to become the world's largest film screen country.

2016 China's film market to bid farewell to the era of barbaric growth, on the one hand, in previous years, the war to fill the votes, on the other hand, the audience viewing level, the film quality is also an important reason for the decline. Net profit rose

film company

A shares market value dropped in the film and television sector is the main market throughout the bull market in 2015, but in 2016 but style mutation, various expectations have come to nothing.

with the change of market environment, the film shares A shares fell in 2016 to become the hardest hit. In the first half of 2016, 28 in the industry, the media industry index ranked first in the first half decline of up to 23.44%, while the film is the worst performing sub industry.

as of December 2016

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