Prophecy come true: terrorists with a large drone bombs

Isis unmanned aerial vehicle bomb equipment

leifengwang· 2017-01-17 16:22:59

There are inventors in the

terrorist group. ISIS in Mosul and Iraqi security forces fighting, have to face a large number of new weapons, homemade test. One of the latest discovered manually modified weapons, was transformed into "bomber" Xinjiang UAV explosive it can deliver grenade sized.

view of Iraqi soldiers captured UAVs


ISIS the drone shot down commercial UAV the weapon has not what. Lei Feng had found the net according to the ISIS, the UAV as a weapon blew, but now even further, put them into a bomber. The media Rudaw reported last week, threw explosives drones have led to civilian casualties and equipment damage. Rudaw commented that, fortunately, so far, ISIS has not yet used them for chemical weapons.

" has been found to transform into a "drone bomber", is the main Xinjiang wizard series

Iraqi forces have anti drone weapons, including jammers resembling guns, can make some models for commercial drone bombing". According to Rudaw reports, so far, they have been knocked out a number of weapons of the uav. In addition, is also the Iraqi security forces in military operations directly using the commercial UAV bought, mainly used for investigation, and to assist in the shelling of . The shape of the

war has changed imperceptibly. Rudaw


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