TCL admits air purifier propaganda fraud

Air purifier loss electricity supplier

qudongzhijia· 2017-01-17 16:24:50

today appeared on the Internet a TCL intelligent health appliances division files, titled " survey on the electricity supplier customer complaints F220B air purifier false propaganda notification ". TCL in the home air purifier admits the existence of false propaganda behavior, is the eighth time this year a complaint. This "

" face the media have reported that in December 13th, the quality management department of Zhongshan City Industrial and commercial bureau of Nantou Li Jialin received a phone call, urged me before in a pay back three principles to deal with Tmall consumers where the sea is about F220B air purifiers alleged false advertising complaints, otherwise the Nantou branch will be based on the "advertisement law" to me the Secretary for economic sanctions more than 200 thousand.

air purifier on false publicity matters, quality management department has accepted seven times this year, this is the eighth time. A total of 350 thousand yuan to the cause of direct (inter) economic losses.

on the same day, the company completed the transfer of 3596 yuan to the customer. So far, the incident caused a direct economic loss of 2697 yuan.

subsequently, notification attached a complete return process.

" according to the bulletin, TCL view of the electronic business platform product publicity in the received complaints, found that the air purifier products does exist exaggerated phenomenon to a certain extent, suspected violation of "advertising law", especially the noise labeling is too low, and even improve work efficiency, improve the immunity of the human body "argument.

2016 years, Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau has to TCL F210B air purifiers propaganda noise, inconsistent with the actual application area on the grounds that the punishment 200 thousand yuan TCL.

is currently in Taobao, Tmall and other platforms, TCL F220B air purifier has been from the official flagship store shelves, Jingdong is still on sale, the product label is also more reasonable, publicity pictures said only as low as 34 dB, specifications for less than or equal to 60 db. In addition, TCL

water purifier also exists false propaganda problems and fined.

but also mentioned in the briefing, He Hai's purchase of consumer electricity providers motives, and have a professional blackmail suspect, does not rule out behind the professional team.

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