Singapore friends hope before the Spring Festival, the return of the detained vehicles Foreign Ministry responded

Singapore friends hope spring armored vehicles

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2017" in January 17th, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying held a regular press conference:

asked the initiative by the French Middle East peace conference held in Paris on the 15 day, the conference said in a statement, the two-state solution is the only way to resolve the Israeli Palestinian problem. Can you tell us about the situation in China? Answer:

China Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Ming led a delegation to attend the foreign ministers of the Palestinian issue will be held in Paris in January 15th. Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Ming at the meeting to promote the resumption of the peace process in the Middle East put forward three proposals:

is to promote wider international participation, and advocated innovation mechanism, the establishment of a follow-up mechanism of the conference to support, hope that the relevant parties will not take the intensification of conflicts, exacerbate tensions in action.

two is to defend the "direction of a two-state solution, to stop building settlements, against all acts of violence against civilians, and that only in the" two-state solution "basis, it is possible to build based on the 1967 border, east of Jerusalem as the capital, have full sovereignty and independence of State of Palestine, will it be possible to meet the reasonable Israeli security concerns.

three is to pay attention to the problem of Palestinian development, urged the international community to continue to promote the direct negotiations between Palestine and Israel at the same time, increasing the Palestinian economic and social development efforts to increase the capacity of independent development of palestine.

China will continue to make unremitting efforts to promote peace in Palestine and Israel and maintain regional stability. Q:

was elected president of the United States in an interview Trump, said, "the British and European" is a good thing, I believe that other countries will follow the pace of the British have left the eu. These remarks caused a strong shock in europe. German Chancellor Merkel said the fate of Europe in the hands of the Europeans themselves. French Foreign Minister Eero said that Europe should maintain unity. What is China's comment on this?

A: we are aware of the reports and the parties concerned. China's policy toward Europe is consistent. We would like to see a prosperous, stable and open Europe, support the process of European integration, the EU hopes to maintain unity and stability.

: the full implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement has been full year, how to evaluate the implementation of the agreement? What role does it play?

answer: the Iranian nuclear comprehensive agreement is a successful example of the settlement of international hotspot issues through political and diplomatic means. Overall, a year to the execution of the agreement smoothly, has played an important role in the maintenance of the international non-proliferation regime and promoting peace and stability in the Middle East, has been widely supported and recognized by the international community.

last week, the Joint Committee on comprehensive agreement held its sixth meeting. The six countries and Iran considered a major problem, the lifting of sanctions measures, implementation of nuclear reactor in Arak transformation, and reaffirmed the political willingness to seriously implement the agreement. China believes that the agreement is an international agreement and six Iran agreed, and the United Nations Security Council formally approved. All parties should continue to fulfill their obligations, to resolve disputes through consultation, to ensure the execution of the agreement is advancing.

China is an active participant, facilitator and contributor to the Iranian nuclear issue resolution process. We are always in an objective, fair and responsible attitude, is committed to promoting the comprehensive agreement negotiation and execution process. Especially as the Arak heavy water reactor six working group leader of double transformation, we made great efforts to promote the transformation project. China is willing to continue to work closely with all parties to ensure that the agreement is sustained, comprehensive and effective implementation.

asked: according to reports, Malaysia, Australia and Chinese three party today jointly announced the suspension of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 underwater search. Can you prove it? What's your opinion about this?

A: details of Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft search work, please refer to the competent authorities.

I want to emphasize that, since Malaysia Airlines MH370 airliner incident, China government attaches great importance to and actively participate in the relevant work. We will continue to maintain close communication and cooperation with Malaysia and Australia, cooperate with the related work.

asked: Philippines's foreign minister, in an interview with CNN yesterday said that the Philippines had Chinese in the south part of the reef deployment of air defense anti missile weapons to China will submit photos. What is China's comment on this?

answer: the South China Sea Islands Territory China. China has the right to deploy necessary and appropriate homeland defense facilities on its own territory.

China has always been committed to the sovereignty of countries including Philippines, directly with the peaceful settlement of the South China Sea dispute through negotiations. At present, in the joint efforts of relevant parties including Chinese and Philippines, under the South China Sea is gradually cooling, return to normal. This conforms to the common interests of the two countries, but also the common expectations, are conducive to safeguarding peace and stability in the South China sea. We will continue to work with relevant parties including Philippines together, and make positive efforts to safeguard peace and stability in the South China sea.

asked: according to reports, the Japanese APA Hotel placed in the room of the hotel group CEO the right books in the book, to deny the Nanjing massacre and the existence of "comfort women". After the incident, has caused widespread opposition to the Chinese and Korean people. Do you have any comment on this?

A: we pay attention to

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