U.S. media: Russian missile deployment of U.S.

The United States Syria submunition missile

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data figure: Russian military equipment "Islamic Kandel -M short-range ballistic missile [

] according to the U.S. military global network reported the" national interest "website reported on January 7th, a satellite company of Israel claimed that Russia has confirmed the base in Syria of Lattakia province the deployment of the" Islamic Kandel -M short-range ballistic missile. The deployment of the missile system can be equipped with nuclear warheads to Moscow Kremlin to hit targets across the Middle East.

iSi company said in a statement: "B earth remote observing system iSi (EROS B) in high resolution satellite image taken in December 28, 2016 is deployed in Syria's first image evidence of the missile system. Can clearly see the runway in the northeast side of a logistics site has 2 cars' Islamic Kandel 'missile vehicle. The 2 cars are likely to be "Islamic Kandel" (SS-26) missile transport vehicles. This finding was confirmed by several unconfirmed "Islamic Kandel" missile deployment reports from Syria, and the disclosure of the location of the deployment of missile system. "

9K720" Ismail Kandel -M "missile - NATO codename SS-26 Stone is a powerful short-range ballistic missile. According to the American global security said, although the export version of the missile has a range of 280 km, a payload of 480 kg, but the domestic version of a range of 500 kilometers. This actually replaced the missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads ORT-23 "Orca" ballistic missile was banned by the INF treaty. According to

reports, pure inertial guidance for model accuracy of the circular error probability of 200 meters, but with the global positioning system and the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system, the error can be reduced to less than 50 meters. If these systems are of radar and photoelectric sensor, the accuracy of Islamic Kandel "missile 10 meters. "Nuclear warhead Ismail Kandel" missile can carry a variety of models, including high explosive and shrapnel box, oil and gas explosive type and high explosive type. The design of

"Ismail Kandel" missile is intended to break the missile defense system. According to the missile threat project, acceleration flight in terminal trajectory can be more than 30G of the missile. It is also equipped with decoys to intercept missiles. Therefore, the "Islamic Kandel" missile is extremely difficult to existing technology to intercept missile defense.

"Ismail Kandel" missiles are not strategic weapons, it is a tactical ballistic missile. In the operation period, it will be used not only to destroy the enemy and destroy fixed targets moving targets, including short-range missiles, air defense systems, airports, ports, command and communication centers, factories and other goals of reinforcement.

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