Lying in the museum cripple the witness of nuclear weapons

South Africa martial arts Museum of nuclear weapons.

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" in South Africa for nuclear weapons can be traced back to 1948, when the formation of the South African atomic energy company, its main task is to supervise the overseas uranium mining industry and trade activities. As time went on, South Africa was gradually acquiring nuclear reactors and capable of producing weapons grade uranium. Figure RSA-3 rockets, currently stored in South Africa the swartkops air force museum.

" in South Africa near Pretoria's nuclear weapons factory store. These bombs belong to gun type nuclear weapons, and the United States put Hiroshima in Japan "little boy" belong to the same kind of bomb. The beginning for throwing nuclear weapons is two aircraft, a Canberra bomber, the other is a Corsair fighter.

later, because of Angola in Cuba to help establish a relatively sound air defense network, South Africa was started to develop nuclear weapons based on missile delivery vehicle. South Africa's missile is based on the technology provided by Israel, drawing on the RSA-3 and RSA-4 rockets. The picture shows the tail nozzle of the RSA-3 rocket.

" featured in the storage of nuclear weapons factories, housing can see 10 nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons had enough to see South Africa's ambition is not small ah. South Africa in 1967 officially launched a nuclear weapons program, in September 22, 1979 the first nuclear test, and spent a total of 12 years.

" in South Africa on a missile is carried out under the cover of the space program. In accordance with the requirements of RSA series rocket can carry a weight of 340 kg warhead, but South Africa bomb is too large, so that the missile could not installed nuclear warheads.

" with a view of South Africa in the development of RSA series is more like a rocket to the global nuclear power show of strength, and not just to restrain Angola's air defense system. In the late 1980s, a total of 3 space rocket test.

" but it is also at the end of 1980s, South Africa's nuclear weapons program was canceled. However, the missile project was allowed to continue to develop, and continued until the beginning of 1990s. In 1993, when the military stopped funding, even the missile project was yellow. The head of

for RSA-3 rocket. It quietly was stored in the swartkops air inside the museum, the body is covered with dust, some parts were removed, apparently the museum it is not very hard.

" swartkops Air Force Museum in addition to a RSA-3 rocket, and used as the plane exhibits. Due to South Africa for the missile technology control mechanism, and had to supervise in the United States under the long-range missile and space project facilities destroyed.

" in the process of development of nuclear weapons in South Africa, Israel plays a very important role. Although Israel has not announced its own nuclear weapons, but it is believed to have at least 200 or so. The RSA-3 rocket, for the development of Jericho Israeli missile has great help.

from developing nuclear weapons, according to the international treaty to destroy nuclear weapons and related facilities, a total of 20 years. Nuclear weapons program is a great way to animals, need to invest a lot of money. When all this was destroyed, South Africa's weapons of mass destruction returned to zero.

" there is a view that South Africa is a voluntary destruction of nuclear weapons and related facilities, and only take the country move. However, this may be untrue, South Africa is likely to come from the United States and other western countries, had to give up. In contrast to South Africa, the United States now has thousands of nuclear weapons.

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