Love also love to buy Hong Kong service welfare: PSN! Buy Plus members to send the game

Welfare membership gaming PlayStation

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like network exclusive Zhuangao, please indicate the source.

PSN Hong Kong will not be able to play the game is not bad, you are ready to renew the membership for another year?

Hong Kong service benefits! Buy membership before send the game

we have been introduced to Hong Kong to serve 30 percent off or 12+3 to buy Plus membership benefits, Xiao Bian also buy a suit for a few years, but it was soon unable to buy more.

missed last time? It does not matter, the current Hong Kong service and new benefits: buy members to send the game!

" the purchase of an annual membership, can obtain "notorious": the second (inFAMOUS Second Son) or "order 1886" (The Order: 1886) is one of the two games. These two are PS4 exclusive game, there are official Chinese, can be regarded as the characteristics of each.

" game exchange code will be within 14 days after purchase by sending instant messages to the mailbox eligible members to exchange before March 16, 2017.

look at which game, remember to buy the corresponding membership package. This preferential is good, and it is equivalent to 30 percent off compared to HK $80 to buy a game, and both are now priced at HK $198 alone.

" before two are not free will, "notorious" independent DLC: the "dawn" is ever free. As long as the game will not be free in the near future, the benefits are good, recently to buy members can consider.


PlayStation VR,

sea Amoy good price last year was called the first year of VR equipment, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and PS VR officially on sale, the sales prevail.

PS VR also launched a version of the National Bank in the country, but has been out of stock is very popular now, every time a small amount of replenishment were sold.

" at Yingya offer 349 pounds, but this is the China direct mail, and the fastest AmazonGlobal Priority (2-4 business days) the cheapest. Direct mail rebate + shipping + sale tariff, and got 356.43 pounds, about 2972 yuan.

" although not much cheaper than the price, but do not have to buy JS fare, if there is a bank credit card 10 percent off is still very cost-effective. There is no cash, but you can single lock price.


ASUS notebook computer stone dual preferential

New Year approaching, the notebook computer each have some promotional activities, recently ASUS notebooks have a lot of good price. ASUS

(ASUS) four generation rapid stone edition i7-6500U+4G +NV940M single memory configuration, the daily office and mild games can run smoothly, 512G s SD is a big surprise, also has the speed and capacity of security. Full HD

15.6 "1920*1080 and other interfaces are relatively complete, such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3 interface and a C interface Type USB 3.1.

Jingdong is currently 5999 yuan price spike, Mini Mouse pad. In every 1000-100, but also in the page to receive 5000-300 coupons, get 5199 yuan, the recent good price. Note that this is

Office. The trial version, want genuine Office2016 can choose the same series of offic models, graphics is also upgraded to 940MX, and with RGB gaming mouse.

" at this price 6299 yuan, full cut coupons + hand 5399 yuan, compared with the price is more outstanding.

portal: MSI

1060 graphics card, in the price of 2000 yuan, GTX1060 card is a lot of game player choice, the game also can deal with the common good. MSI

DUKE dark dragon known as the black dragon, with 8mm nickel plated copper heat pipe +3 cooling fan, 6G high speed GDDR5 memory, also equipped with cool LED lamp.

Jingdong currently offer 1899 yuan, flat historical low, can be used in the whole category of coupons.

wants to see the content to the discount? Access to original evaluation and experience? Welcome, or concern.

love to buy has also opened its own forum forum, welcome to chat together to explore! Address: App, playing, playing community, community hand chop party. Welcome to join

also love to buy thousands of QQ group, group number 131543359, into the group playing iPlay password".

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