[90] Tsinghua University teahouse kicked open the dormitory door, out of the 6 world president of Internet Co

Tsinghua University Internet

90haochashi· 2017-01-17 23:32:27

[90] 2017.01.10 1429th, one of the earliest, WeChat is one of the most influential public number, attention / business model business / Finance / technology. Designed to provide financing services for readers of enterprises, "color: RGB [No. 90] [CEO tea group, No. 90 group group member teahouse investment] raised, name card sent to 13951515155 (editor of mobile phone, WeChat) for the entry of

the 3 young people in the Department of computer room on each floor are knocked over, open the door every time are the same sentence: who is your age most cattle? Many students think that is to fight, said very afraid, finally have to write down the name of what most cattle, where to live!

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the first found was the score of the first Zhou Feng (currently senior vice president of NetEase, NetEase CEO, student a) generation of Zhou Feng was suddenly awakened three strangers, for a time at a loss. Asked: "I heard that you are the best grades in your class?" And after some chat, Zhou Feng listened to the blood. Finally, after a knock on the door, Zhou Feng under the Xu Zhaojun (little net, pops founder and CEO), and they live in the dormitory next door to Wang Xiaochuan (Sogou CEO, senior vice president, former chief technology officer of Sohu) will also join them.

find talent, ChinaRen finally launched in August 1999. The 3 young men are Zhou Yunfan, Chen Yizhou, and Yang Ning. But the ChinaRen is not familiar with the alumni, Chen Yizhou most want to do is start a portal, but, because Tsinghua computer department part-time five word class students (grade 1995) and a seven word class (class 1997) brother wrote alumni, and alumni for everybody remember the ChinaRen, then ChinaRen towards the direction of alumni to go.

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