[future car column 4] unmanned, probably for a long time with artificial intelligence has nothing to do with

Artificial intelligence automobile

wangguanxiong· 2017-01-18 02:08:26

Internet love said outlet, more love to the air together, as this can cause the 1 plus 1 is greater than 2 effect.

and there were high hopes for the technology may indeed have internal relations, so it is more likely to be seen as a force to stimulate the industry, looking forward to co produce the outbreak of earth shaking effect.

such as artificial intelligence and unmanned.

immediately, we are just at the beginning of many technology development and commercialization. From 0 to 10 in 1 and 9 evolution, are not crossed. Current artificial intelligence and unmanned, may be in such a relationship.

[unmanned first form, must be low and the fixed scene] "line-height: 1.5em style=

first to know, what is no driving.

unmanned, is free from self driving force of human and traditional car operation mode, into a vehicle according to the set target initiative to complete the whole process of driving.

from the mature technology and the possibility of application process, unmanned is never easy, running directly in a complex road traffic on the city.

because of security concerns and the need for data accumulation, early unmanned, there must be two constraints:

first speed. Unmanned to launch applications, high speed cannot as quickly as normal as the vehicle. But from the speed of fifty kilometers below the low-speed vehicle start applications, and improve the reliability of detection by unmanned system.

followed by the application of the scene. The initial stage of unmanned, almost impossible to put on the use of complex road. We may be more likely to see the campus, scenic spots, business parks, airports, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to the scene. One is the scene of road is simple, unmanned to deal with the problem of small, and can replace the whole unmanned vehicles, ensure the feasibility of the interaction between vehicles. On the other hand, these scenes of capacity requirements low, use less time, so as to meet the characteristics of the primary stage of unmanned low speed, strong monitoring.

so, unmanned early to be eliminated is a low-speed electric car ferry, and in this stage, the artificial intelligence sense is not so strong.

[compared to deep learning, more important is the safety guarantee, precision driving and human-computer interaction

artificial intelligence management of unmanned vehicle the logic is through deep learning and coping mechanism analysis system, to solve various problems during the running of the vehicle driving safety guarantee.

and the low-speed unmanned, application of artificial intelligence is not enough. In this scenario, the main road safety and smooth operation of the technology are three: safety guarantee technology, precision driving technology and new human-computer interaction.

hedge is to ensure unmanned vehicle safety protection advanced factors, now seems the best solution is to determine the vehicle and other distance and speed through the possible collision the hardware, so as to direct driving system complete escape. So the hardware class is the core.

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