Selling sugar Weng: escape is my police: your sugar I want

Maltose Zhao Shifu Du granny Xiong Zhou road Experimental Primary School

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(original title: Weng: sell sugar is my escape police: I want all of your sugar)


卖糖翁:逃逸的是我 民警:你的糖我全要

hawkers selling sugar master Zhao riding a bicycle hit a pedestrian. Master Zhao

is a 65 year old Nanjing Jinniu Liuhe Lakers are still pushing the bike with the traditional way of selling maltose.

20 days ago, Zhao chef in Liuhe District into the street and injured a woman, fear can not afford to lose will choose to escape. Police access to multiple monitors and through reasoning, finally found him. When the police learned that master Zhao ride 4 hours every day to do business, out of sympathy for the light of his remaining maltose, however the law cannot stand, to bear the full responsibility for the accident is still master zhao.

the old man fell to the ground the medicine costs at 3 minutes to 40 thousand

last December 27th afternoon, Liuhe traffic police squadron Xiongzhou police said 78 year old granny Du injured by a bicycle rider, escape.

, the police rushed to the hospital to understand, take a walk in the street, Granny Du Chaotian gate by bicycle Tiande pharmacy, blown down, rider is selling a maltose of the old man, he helped the granny Du, see not up, hurried and ran South riding. The hospital diagnosis, Du granny leg fractures, urgent surgical implantation of internal fixation, early medical expenses up to 40 thousand yuan.

the police in the afternoon to carry out the investigation, to the pharmacy Tiande as the center, along the way to check. Until 11 o'clock that night, police combing the seller before and after the maltose man accident track: 14:45 07 seconds, riding a bicycle in the street air traveling from north to south in the pontoon; 14:45 53 seconds behind the bike tied with maltose box to scratch Du granny, both fell to the ground; 14:46 53 seconds, riding a bike to escape.

cycling man looks more than and 60 years old, riding an old bike. According to him in Xiongzhou Road on the south side of non motorized vehicle lane westward track intersection judgment, the perpetrators should be next Xiongzhou road and Long Chi Lu intersection, but the transfer of the road monitoring, were not found.

by monitoring the failure to find the inference according to the monitoring trajectory, perpetrators may appear in the Fairview home district north gate. The second day of the incident, the police retrieved surveillance area north gate, but not the perpetrators figure. Then the social aspects of monitoring the transfer of nearby, is still not found. So, the only possibility is that the perpetrators midway exhumation. Sure enough, look at the monitor Xiongzhou road and overturned street intersection, found at 14:51 for 22 seconds, the perpetrators riding a bicycle in Xiongzhou Road on the south side of non motorized vehicle lane reentry, traveling east disappeared in the monitoring.

looking for motor vehicles rely on monitoring alone does not work, but also rely on reasoning. The police car appeared in the streets around the perpetrators repeatedly, when traveling to the west gate of the people's Hospital, just as two sell maltose man. After the conversation, the police learned that the Liuhe District manual maltose in only one place in the workshop, Jinniu Lake Street Ma Tau village. Ma Shan village is located in the Taurus lake and Xinhuang junction, two hours to ride from there to Liuhe city to sell sugar one-way.

police in Xiongzhou road see light suddenly, the perpetrators are not detour to go home back.

the school gate stopped the perpetrators who sell sugar? Is the first choice of many children in the west, to Xiongzhou Road, there are two schools, primary school and junior middle school experimental inspirational, police investigators first went to visit the experimental primary school.

and the teacher told the police, as long as it does not rain, there will be an old man selling maltose in front of the campus every day, the day of the incident, but did not see him. It seems the experimental primary school the door to sell sugar man is very suspicious, contact the police station East Gate Primary School Nursing School of male state security squadron Master Li, told him to see this person must be delayed, the first time to notify the police.

really quickly, police investigators Ling Yunzhi received calls "Master Li, who sells maltose to the people." Ling police officers rushed to the experimental primary school, found that the appearance of the characteristics and monitoring records are the same person.

to sympathy for the rest of his police to buy sugar, and then back to the investigation of

sell candy said he surnamed Zhao, 65 years old this year, he admitted the incident that knocked down the old du. After escaping, he was originally scheduled to experimental primary school door to sell sugar, but always feel heart guilty, not in the mood to continue to do business, so back home in Taurus lake.

master Zhao said, he may consider the public security organs to be found, so the second day will take 2000 dollars in the body, for compensation to the injured, I did not expect just the entrance to the school soon after it was found by the police.

police investigators looked at every day for 4 hours from the Taurus lake and Liuhe city to sell sugar subsistence master Zhao, Zhao master thought of age with his parents age, asked "how many out of sympathy, maltose box, how much does it cost?" master Zhao weighed up has been broken all the maltose said, "35 dollars."

police handed master Zhao 35 yuan, will buy all the sugar, then master Zhao to squadron investigation, and seized a bike. Because the master Zhao escapes as a plot, the traffic police department, Zhao master to take full responsibility for the accident, facing the civil compensation.

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